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Age:   56

Country/Location:  USA/Connecticut

1967 Fender Super Reverb AB763, 1994 Twin Pro Tube, 1972 Twin Reverb, 1977 Twin Reverb Modded, 1972 Bassman 50 Head 100% origional,1965 Univox U45B amplifier restored with nos RCA tubes and a 1961 Jensen C12R, Fender 1968 dripedge Bassman cabinet with 2 JBL K120, 1968 single Fender type cabinet with 2 10 inch Weber blue pup and silver 10, Marshall JVM 410H modded, 1975 Music Man 210, 1969 Gibson SG Custom, 2008 Fender Squire Strat, 1995 Brian Moore Custom C90P with a Roland Gr33 board, 1968 Gretch Streamliner, Ovation Custom Legend 12 string, Ovation 30th anniversary 6 string, 1937 International series O resonator guitar. Lots of different pedels going back to the late 60's.



Comments:  I look forward learning and asking questions about my Fender Amplifiers, especially tube and speaker differences, some mods. I also design and build speaker cabinets, mostly for high end stereo. Now I build all my own guitar cabinets for combo's and speaker cabinets.

How I found the FDP:  web search for help

Date registered:  Feb 7th, 2009

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