Username:  allthumbs

Real Name:  

Age:   61

Country/Location:  Sherwood Park AB


- 4 Strats: 92 MIA FatStrat Floyd, Roadhouse, 50th Anniversary Deluxe, 2008 Amercian Standard;
- 5 Teles: American Std, American Series HH, MIM Classic 50s modded, American Deluxe, American Special;
- Gibson SG Std, Gibson LP Ash Studio, Gibson LP Black Studio, Gibson Les Paul Jr., Gibson ES335;
- RIC 330;
- Godin LG SP90
- Epiphone Elitist Casino;
- 6 Acoustics: Gibson J-150, Gibson J-45, Guild D40SB, Taylor 412CE, Handmade Max DSM-1 (made this myself), Handmade Max JSR-1 (made this one myself too);
- Epiphone MM50 mandolin;
- Fender American Standard J-Bass, Fender Highway-1 P-Bass.


- Fender HRDx, DRRI, CVR, blonde DRRI, PRRI;
- Traynor YCV40WR, YCV20WR;
- Dr. Z Maz Jr. 210;
- Mesa Express 5:50;
- Li'l Dawg Pug Reverb head;
- Vox AC15 Blue;
- Vox ACTV4
- Yorkville XM50 watt bass amp;
- Hartke 3500 bass head, with two Hartke 210XL speaker cabs.
- Hartke A100 115 combo bass amp.

Ex-cabs: Mesa 212, Yorkville 112WR, Avatar 212, Mathercabs 210.

- Yorkville M810 PA with TM-12 speakers, 2 Yorkville KW50 as floor monitors, Shure mics, stands, cables.

- 8 Hohner harmonicas

- Effects pedals: Line 6 MM4, Ibanez TS-9, Dr. Scientist Tremoloessence, Boss ME-20, Boss Blues Driver BD-1, Boss compressor/sustainer CS-3, Boss Super overdrive SD-1, Boss digital reverb RV-5, Boss Bass overdrive ODB-3, Boss Chromatic tuners TU-2, Ibanez chorus, Ibanez Phaser, Fender Reverb pedal, Ernie Ball volume, Dunlop wah.



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