Username:  abner

Real Name:  

Age:   44

Country/Location:  New Hamster

50th Anniversary Strats:
Custom Shop Masterbuilt (Dennis Galuszka) 50th Anniversary Strat.
2004 AmSe 50th Anniversary Strat.

"Candy" - 1976 Walnut Hardtail Strat w/Rosewood Neck.
"Bridget" - 1979 Natural Hardtail Strat w/Maple Neck.
As yet unnamed - 1989 Salmon Pink Strat Plus Deluxe with what seems to be (based on date codes and other tell-tale signs) an original Rosewwod neck with no locking tuners or roller nut (In other words an AmSe neck). Possibly a one-off custom order guitar (Early CS maybe?) or hybrid Plus Deluxe/AmStd Deluxe.
"Layla" - 1991 3-Color Sunburst Strat Plus w/Maple Neck.

The "Mod Squad":
"Blondie" - 1997 Natural Strat Plus ash body and bridge with 2005 AmDlx maple neck, locking tuners, Fender Hot Noiseless pups, parchment pickguard and aged white knobs and pup covers.
"Daisy Mae" - 2005 MIM Cray Signature 3-color sunburst hardtail body and bridge, Custom Warmoth "fatback" maple neck with 7.25" radius pao ferro fret board, vintage style locking tuners, CS 69 pups, mint pickguard and aged white knobs and pup covers.

"Angel" - 1997 Taylor 710-CE acoustic/electric.
"Birdsong" - D'Agostino D-64 acoustic.

Mesa/Boogie MKIV Head & Mesa/Boogie 4X12 Slant Cab.

Boss GT-Pro Effect Processor controlled with a Roland FC-200 MIDI controller footswitch.

Zoom A2.1u Acoustic Effect Processor.




How I found the FDP:  It found me.... (Google, really)

Date registered:  Aug 22nd, 2005

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