Username:  WireDog

Real Name:  john fisher

Age:   60

Country/Location:  Sunken Heights

CIJ Fender Jazzmaster
2000 MIM Strat
SE-100 Squier Strat w/Fallujah MOJO
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Epi SG
Rondo SX-SJM 62
Squier Jagmaster II w/ PhatCats and Baghdad MOJO
Epi Acoustic
Ibanez TS-9
Boss DD3 Delay
Line 6 POD
Peavey Classic 30 w/Weber BlueDog 50W spkr
Fender Blues Junior
Roland Cube-30



Comments:  Life is good above ground

How I found the FDP:  Link from Mr. Gearhead

Date registered:  Feb 27th, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: Army: Alpha Battery 3/35 Field Artillery, West Germany, 1989 (109 k)
Photo: Art - "WWI Doughboy in Gas Mask" (221 k)
Photo: Art - Scratch-board Dragon (435 k)
Photo: Art - Woodcut block (285 k)
Photo: ART : The Marquis de Lafayette (217 k)
Photo: ART CLASS: AZTEC RUIN in Dry-Erase Marker (174 k)
Photo: Art Class: French Quarter Panorama (277 k)
Photo: Art- WWI woodcut (45 k)
Photo: ART: "Aristotle Contemplating a Bust of Homer" (89 k)
Photo: Art: Alpha Battery "Alpha Gator" logo (94 k)
Photo: ART: Degas Bronze Horse study (444 k)
Photo: ART: Detail of bejeweled sash of "Aristotle Contemplating a Bust of Homer" (37 k)
Photo: Art: My whiteboard at the end of the week (71 k)
Photo: Art: New Orleans, Eve of Battle (210 k)
Photo: ART: Sailing Ship (435 k)
Photo: ART: Sailing Ship- Bowsprit (435 k)
Photo: ART: Sailing Ship- Final version (459 k)
Photo: ART: Sailing Ship- Furled sail against sky (409 k)
Photo: ART: Sailing Ship- the Captain (410 k)
Photo: ART: Sailing Ship- the mainsail flag (221 k)
Photo: ART: Sailing Ship-Sailors on a yardarm (389 k)
Photo: Art: Shopping the Rusafa District, Iraq (257 k)
Photo: ART: Study of "Nature Unveiling Herself Before Science", by Barrias (392 k)
Photo: Art: Study of a Knight (300 k)
Photo: Art: T-shirt design for Infantry unit (154 k)
Photo: Baby: Daughter 1 and Hubby not long ago (80 k)
Photo: Bike - '70 Honda CB 350 (240 k)
Photo: Candid Photo-Frost Amphitheater, Stanford U (179 k)
Photo: Concert: Tracii Guns (405 k)
Photo: Concert: Tracii Guns in Colorado Springs (350 k)
Photo: Dog- Boots (204 k)
Photo: Dog- Boots at home (195 k)
Photo: George (209 k)
Photo: Guns: CZ 75bd Police (480 k)
Photo: Harley-Davidson '08 SuperGlide Custom (68 k)
Photo: Here's what is good in my world... (73 k)
Photo: Hog in Grafenwhoer Training Area (60 k)
Photo: InBaghdad and WireDog, next door neighbors in Baghdad (89 k)
Photo: Iraq - Soldier in window (213 k)
Photo: IRAQ: IED in Fallujah, August 2003 (210 k)
Photo: Iraq: Riding in Fallujah, July 2003 (160 k)
Photo: Iraq: Soldier relaxing atop vehicle (262 k)
Photo: Korea - "Second Market", Tongdukchong (449 k)
Photo: Korea - Night mission (422 k)
Photo: Korea - Rice Paddy tractor and family, 1995 (462 k)
Photo: Lucky (219 k)
Photo: Macgyver (91 k)
Photo: Motorcycle: Japanese bike appreciation day (84 k)
Photo: Mural - dolphin (325 k)
Photo: Mural - headline (358 k)
Photo: Mural - Mermaid (253 k)
Photo: Mural - night (394 k)
Photo: Mural - student (323 k)
Photo: Mural - student 2 (188 k)
Photo: Mural - student 3 (237 k)
Photo: Mural - the process (390 k)
Photo: Mural - this student came up with the idea to paint the sheds (213 k)
Photo: Mural on the Sheds-1 (378 k)
Photo: My Dad, US Coast Guard in WWII (50 k)
Photo: New Grandson: Baby and Daddy (68 k)
Photo: Paratrooper after safe landing (181 k)
Photo: Paratrooper meets the ground (145 k)
Photo: SEIKO Divers, quartz (L)/Auto (R) (122 k)
Photo: Sheera and Grandson #1 (163 k)
Photo: Wearing a keffiyah (20 k)

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