Username:  Who is John Galt?

Real Name:  

Age:   61

Country/Location:  "Bother", said Pooh


1990s Mexican Deluxe Player's Strat, Rosewood neck, Honey Blonde.
1995 American Strat in Seafoam Green with matching headstock maple neck, Peter Florence Voodoo pups.
60th Anniversary Strat
Fender Custom Shop 66 Relic Strat in Firemist Gold.
52 Vintage RI Telecaster 60th Anniversary Limited Edition.
Chris Shifflet Signature Tele Deluxe


Marshall JCM 2000 Dual Super Lead Half Stack.
Peavy DB-15
Fender Blues Junior III FSR "Humbolt Hot Rod Hempstead" edition


Voodoo Lab Analog Chorus, Danelectro Fab-Tone Fuzz, and Boss DD-3 Digital Delay.




How I found the FDP:  Hey, I'm a Fender player. . .

Date registered:  Mar 13th, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  1/24/16

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