Username:  Thommie

Real Name:  

Age:   65

Country/Location:  Dallas, Texas

1970 SG Standard
1997 Tele Special
1997 Strat Plus

1996 MIM Jazz Bass
2005 Peavey Millennium 5 AC BXP
2010 Peavey Cirrus BXP 5

'65 Twin Reissue
Bassman 200
Crate GX80
Crate GX40
Crate BX50
Marlboro 122A



Comments:  I'm strictly an amateur, but a pretty serious one. My oldest son (Steve) got into songwriting and home recording, and my youngest son and I accompanied him, but we played very few gigs. Steve was murdered in June of 2008, so we have not done much musically as a family since then. I played bass with our church's praise band for about 5 1/2 years. We go to a different church now where the music program is not such a big production, but it's still a lot of fun and I'm playing regularly.

How I found the FDP:  Link from

Date registered:  May 25th, 2003

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: Bee Adventure 1: Beekeeper with special vacuum (458 k)
Photo: Bee Adventure 2: My Improvised Bee Protection Gear (415 k)
Photo: Bee Adventure 3: My son removing sheet rock (387 k)
Photo: Bee Adventure 4: The Hive (354 k)
Photo: Bee Adventure 5: Removing the Hive (156 k)
Photo: Bee Adventure 6: A piece of honeycomb. (228 k)
Photo: Birthday Present (454 k)
Photo: Cocobolo Pen (302 k)
Photo: Ebony and Ivory (148 k)
Photo: Maple and Rosewood Pens (141 k)
Photo: My bass (187 k)
Photo: My Dad in Korea (97 k)
Photo: Scooter Jack - Photo 1 (32 k)
Photo: Scooter Jack - Photo 2 (38 k)
Photo: Snake from farther away (53 k)
Photo: Snake with fish - close up (37 k)
Photo: Speckles (38 k)
Photo: Steve and Chippy - Photo 1 (39 k)
Photo: Steve and Chippy - Photo 2 (29 k)
Photo: Steve's First Guitar Lesson (58 k)
Photo: Stoker (34 k)
Photo: Sugar Bear 2: Sugar and Steve (372 k)

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