Username:  Stratohetzer

Real Name:  Michael Kobelt

Age:   40

Country/Location:  Milton, Wisconsin

1997 Fender Vibro King
1966 Fender Super Reverb Sold
1965 Fender Pro Reverb Sold
1964 Bassman Sold
1964 Tremolux Sold
5e5a Tweed Pro kit I built myself
5g15 Tweed Reverb Unit I boult Myself
Gretsch 6120 Brian Setzer Signature SOLD
Fender Custom shop Danny Gatton Telecaster Sold
Bill Nash, 53 Tele Relic Clone
Fender 62 custom bound Telecaster Sold
Fender Telecaser Deluxe Sold
American Standard Strat, Midnight Blue Sold
Danelectro 59 DC
Gibson Les Paul Studio Light Sold
Gibson Faded Les Paul DC Sold
Gibson/Dobro Dobrolectric Sold
Epiphone Les Paul 56 Gold Top. Sold
Epiphone Les Paul Signature Hollowbody Gold Top Sold
Epiphone ES 295 Sold

My Players=
1. Warmoth Strat. BUrgundy Mist Fatback neck with huge stainless frets Rosewood board and 3 Seymour duncan lipstick tubes for strats

2. Warmoth Strat Fire Mist Gold, Bound Fatback neck with huge Stainless frets Rosewood board, Fender custom 69 strat pups.

3. Warmoth Tele. Custom painted Sparkle Flamed Body, Fatback birdseye maple neck with huge stainless frets. Seymour Duncan broadcaster pickups.

4. Warmoth Tele. Gold Top Gold Thinline body, Fatback birdseye neck with rosewood board and huge stainless frets. Seymour Custom P90 in the neck and Seymour Vintage Broadcaster lead. SOLD




How I found the FDP:  referenced on another site.

Date registered:  Jul 25th, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  11/21/18

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