Username:  Steck

Real Name:  John Stoeck

Age:   30

Country/Location:  Music City, USA

2010 Taylor 8 string baritone
2009 Grammann James
2004 MIM Cray Strat, Violet
2002 Gibson LC-2 acoustic
2002 Highway 1 Strat, White
1984 MIJ Strat, Candy-Apple-Red

Keyboards. Lots of keyboards.



Comments:  Proudly killing discussion threads since Sept. 28, 2005

How I found the FDP:  Chewy and crunchy, just the thing to sink your teeth into.

Date registered:  Sep 28th, 2005

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: Blondie - Highway 1 Strat (67 k)
Photo: Candy - MIJ Strat (62 k)
Photo: Danish Warning (18 k)
Photo: Donner Pass and Lake (64 k)

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