Username:  Silverface

Real Name:  Jim Sliff

Age:   51

Country/Location:  Redondo Beach CA

'69 Tele Thinline with Velvet Hammer boost-coil bridge/Harmonic Design Mini-Strat neck pickups & stainless steel Evans Pull String

"59" Evans Pull String Ocean Blue Tele with Velvet Hammer pickups

Pullstring Guitar Shop "Nashville West" Prototype - relic'd and detailed Clarence White/Marty Stuart clone.

1959/60 Fender 400 (8 string) Pedal steel - 9 pedals, 2 knee levers, two pickups, B6 tuning - the Sneaky Pete setup.

'71 Melobar "stand up" lap steel

Doubleneck "Melocaster" with Melobar & Tele necks.

Ric model 59 lap steel - C6 tuning

Trussart Steel DeVille - the "Rusty" model

Wechter/Scheerhorn square neck resonator

Variax 500 with Sleep nags hot B-bender; essential 20+ guitars with B benders!

Gitane John Jorgenson Petit Bouche model; Englemann spruce top & mahogany/birch/Brazilian Rosewood laminated back/sides ('30's Selmer design).

Les Pauls, Gretsches, '20's Kamaka Ike & too many others to list.

'66 P-Bass - odd stock "brownburst"

Olympic White custom-made P-type bass

Rigel A+ Deluxe Mando

Epiphone Mandobird (hilarious 4-string electric Firebird!)

'71 Martin D-41

A bunch of other electric & acoustic guitars and instruments.

A mess of tube amps, including one of the first 6 or so '64 Vibroverb Customs, a Holland Little Jimi, '55 Deluxe, '58 Princeton, '64 "tweed" Champ, '69 Pro Reverb, '72 Deluxe Reverb, '70 Standel, ZVex Nano, Fender GDec and others

Stompboxes, tape echos and other gadgets - Lovetone Brown Source, Way Huge Blue Rhino and Green Rhino, SIB Mr. Echo, H&K Replex, ZVex Super-Duper, Line 6 PodXT and Dl4, Korg G4 rotary simulator plus a bunch of vintage stuff (MXR's, Ibanez and others). Don't own a single Boss, DOD or Digitech pedal, although I DO have a bunch of $15 Dano stompoxes that are amazing!



Comments:  Surf b-bender prog-rock country blues curmudgeon. Been playing 40+ years, everything from power-trio blues rock to bluegrass (almost exclusively from '76-'86). I'm mainly known as a B-bender player who works in the country-rock arena but also plays blues (think T-Bone Walker with a bender). I've played bass in several bands and am currently doing a lot of pedal steel - almost none of it country!

How I found the FDP:  It was a dark and stormy night, and...

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

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