Username:  RivEraEra

Real Name:  

Age:   53

Country/Location:  usa/east bay sf

'57 strat replica
Suier CV Tele, Multiple tele partscasters, 84 SQ Squier Japan 70's strat, Alvarez Custom II, Fender Japan Strat XII, Jay Turser paisley tele,
Framus acoustic (60s?)
Gretsch BST-1500 'beast'

'79 SFDR (BF mod, pull-boost removed, reverb both channels, Jensen P12N)
CVR with Moyer mods,
'64 BFWK Princeton, chassis only, had been hacked/modded, with reverb added - mods removed, installed chassis in head cabinet
'63 6G6-B Bassman head with 212 blonde cabinet, original Oxfords (not exact match, head has wheat grill, cab has gold sparkle), currently have a P12n and a ToneTubby Ceramic in the cab, stored the Oxfords
'63 brown reverb unit (non-original tank, tolex had been painted black, but most of that has come off)
'82 Fender Concert II (Lee Jackson mod)
2006 Fender SuperSonic
'68 SFSR (originally Torres modded, have returned to AB763)
'67 BFVC
'80 Musicman 112RD100
Clyde Deluxe Wah, Xotic BB+, HAO Rumble Mod, POG2, Q-Tron, COB Clean Octave Boost, Radial bigshot switcher, Moen Holy Chorus>left channel DL4>second bigshot switcher
Boss Drive Zone, TC Nova System




How I found the FDP:  google

Date registered:  Feb 11th, 2007

Contributing Membership Expires:  12/9/09

Photo: 6G2 in custom cab (34 k)
Photo: BFWK 6G2 innards (53 k)
Photo: blonde CBS Showman? (8 k)
Photo: hacked 6G2 chassis w/reverb (64 k)
Photo: showman rear (6 k)
Photo: two BFWK 6G2 chassis shots (70 k)

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