Username:  Rick Plays The Blues

Real Name:  

Age:   36

Country/Location:  Austria

Guitars regularly used with my band:
2001 Fender Jeff Beck Artist Stratocaster
1983 Squier JV '62RI Stratocaster ..... not sure about the model name, but likely it is a domestic JV SST-30 or -45 ..... modded (Texas Specials, AmStd string retainers, Schaller strap locks, US Fender pots and switch and knobs)
1992 Starfield Altair SJ Custom ..... modded with GFS Lil Killers and a US Fender switch and tip
2005 Epiphone Les Paul Standard (MIC)
2001 Taylor 410CE

Other guitars and basses:
2004 Squier '51 ..... modded with an early 80ies MIJ Alnico Singlecoil in the neck
199x Vantage 635 V/CS (ES-335-Copy, MIK)
200x Jay Turser Dobro (MIC, wood body, Mini-HB and Piezo)
198x Alhambra 4C (spanish nylon string)
196x Klira 3/4 size nylon string
199x Warwick Streamer Stage I fretless
199x Ibanez ATK 300
199x Jolana Jantar Bass

Amplification with my band:
2007 or 2008 Marshall Vintage Modern 2266C Combo
2001 Fender Concert Reverb (originally a 410 combo, but I converted it into head + cab ..... I bought a 410cab and built a head cab on my own)

Other amplifiers:
1996 Fender Princeton Chorus
2007 Fender Champion 600
199x Hughes & Kettner Tubeman 1

Pedals used with my band:
Lehle P-Split ... transformer equipped split box with ground lift and phase reverse on the transformer buffered output ... to play through the Fender Concert Reverb and Marshall Vintage Modern in parallel ... sounds phantastic
Z.Vex Box Of Rock Vexter ..... JTM sounding distortion - like it a lot
Maxon OD-808 ..... you know it
MEK CP-1 ..... German-made boutique copy of MXR Dynacomp
MEK PH-2 ..... German-made boutique copy of MXR Phase 90 with added "Depth" and "Feedback" controls
Ibanez CSL ..... stereo chorus of the so called lead series pedals - made in 1985 or 86, same electronics as the CS-9, built into a box similar to the later 10 series (this is, what an expert told me)
TC Electronic Flashback Delay ..... very good digital delay in a small box
Harley Benton PT-500 ..... strobo pedal tuner
Gator GPT-BL-PWR ..... pedal board with integrated power supply

Other ffects:
Boss GX-700 (+Roland FC-200)
VoodooLab SparkleDrive ..... footswitch issues
TAD RangeKing
Ibanez TS-5 ..... modded with IC socket and usually equipped with Philips NExxxx IC ..... switch issues
Korg 411fx
Dunlop GCB95 Crybaby WahWah

Spectraflex cables
Dunlop Tortex plecs (green, blue and violet)
Elixir strings
Weber MiniMASS (50W)
Tascam CD-GT1 Mk2

(Home) Recording:
Roland VS-880EX 8-track hd recording
Onkyo TX-866, Canton Karat 920
AKG K240 Monitor
Boss DR-660
Shure BG1.0




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