Username:  RMosack

Real Name:  Robert Mosack

Age:   45

Country/Location:  USA

1994 Gibson Les Paul Standard - Cherry Sunburst;
maple/mah Warmoth Tele with BL L-290 pickups
ash w/ maple board Warmoth Tele with BL 290TL/280SM/495N pickups;
hollow mah. USACG 12 string Tele w/ BL L-500 set
USACG alder Strat w/ BL L-280 set and Clapton circuit;
USACG quilt top alder Strat w/ BL L-250 set
USACG baritone Jazzymaster w/ pair of BL L-495s
1999 Taylor 514-ce (cedar top, mahogany back)

Trace Elliot Vellocette - 15W 1x12" w/ Reverb;
Fender Super Champ;
Fender Cyber Twin SE w/ Behringer FCB1010

Boss GT-6; Peterson VS-II



Comments:  Wow, I just realized I've been here for a long time since even my profile was a few years old.

How I found the FDP:  search

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  1/30/15

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