Username:  RLG

Real Name:  

Age:   54

Country/Location:  Texas, USA

2005 Gibson J-45 Rosewood Acoustic.
2003 Fender American Series Strat; SD Lil' 59 Bridge.
2006 Epiphone Dot Deluxe Flametop
2006 Oscar Schmidt OE30 Delta King - Black
1998 Fernandez Retrorocket Strat copy.
Alvarez 5014 Acoustic.
2004 Fender American Series Precision Bass
1987 Peavey Fury bass.
1984 Peavey T-40 bass.

2003 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
'68 Fender Bronco Amp (same as Vibro Champ).
Two Peavey Series 400 bass amps.
Two Peavey 215 cabinets.
One Peavey TKO 115S bass combo amp.
One Peavey 6 channel mixer.
Two Peavey 410 sound system cabinets.

Effects Pedalboard:
Boss TU-2 Tuner.
Dunlop Crybaby Wah.
Barber Direct Drive SS.
MI Audio Blues Pro.
MI Audio Crunch Box.
RGW Electronics Bad Bob Boost.
Boss DD-2 Digital Delay.

Effects Misc:
Digitech Bad Monkey
Boss CS-3 Compressor-Sustainer.
Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive.
Boss DS-1 Distortion.
Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
MXR Phase 90.
MXR 10 Band Graphic EQ.
Vox Tonebender V828 Made in Italy.




How I found the FDP:  Searched Google.

Date registered:  Mar 19th, 2003

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

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