Username:  Quackerjack

Real Name:  

Age:   49

Country/Location:  USS of A

Custom Warmoth Swamp Ash/Koa with Zircote neck.
Gretsch G100
Martin HD-28
Martin LX1
Guild GAD-30R
Gibson Les Paul Studio 60s Tribute
Peterson VS-1 Strobe Tuner
Fender DRRI
Fender Mustang III
Roland AC-90
1x15 Homebrew extension cab
Fulltone OCD

Roland HD-1 v drums
Apple iMac G5
Apple iMac with Intel Core Duo
Apple Logic Express
Soundcraft Compact4 Mixer
M-Audio Radium 49 Controller
Casio WK-110 Arranger Keyboard



Comments:  I've learned plenty and met some very cool people via the FDP. If you get anything positive from this site, please consider supporting it - I do at least annually and whenever I attend a FDP Jam: 11/3/2004 ; 11/19/2005 ; 5/20/2006 ; 11/14/2006 ; 2/10/2007 ; 4/20/2007 ; 5/19/2007; 8/25/2007; 9/7/2007; 5/17/2008; 7/13/2008; 12/29/2008; 1/11/2009; 8/3/09; 5/15/2010; 8/3/2010; 5/14/2011; 12/21/11; 5/20/12; 12/22/12

How I found the FDP:  An oasis in the vast putrid desert of internet forums

Date registered:  Aug 5th, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 1986 - live at February's on Lawng Island (71 k)
Photo: Bud glasses (28 k)
Photo: Bud nose (28 k)
Photo: Buddy - 14 weeks old (32 k)
Photo: Buddy at Lake George (93 k)
Photo: Buddy laughing at one of my jokes (37 k)
Photo: Cabinet - finished product (108 k)
Photo: Cabinet project (24 k)
Photo: Chris Greene's new ride (100 k)
Photo: Christmas 2009 (140 k)
Photo: Clamfest 2011 (77 k)
Photo: Dog (128 k)
Photo: Einstein says... (32 k)
Photo: gman's dog (95 k)
Photo: Good health (19 k)
Photo: Gretsch g100 (23 k)
Photo: Guild GAD-30R (83 k)
Photo: LP 60s Tribute back 1 (49 k)
Photo: LP 60s Tribute back 2 (63 k)
Photo: More Einstein wisdom (20 k)
Photo: My basement music space (158 k)
Photo: New project (42 k)
Photo: New project - Full view (109 k)
Photo: New project - neck back (8 k)
Photo: New project - neck front (9 k)
Photo: NJ Devils - Gionta (60 k)
Photo: NJ Devils - Parise (53 k)
Photo: picnicstock 08 Jam Basket Winner (17 k)
Photo: Quackerjack's Avatar (14 k)
Photo: quackerstrat 1 (79 k)
Photo: quackerstrat 2 (88 k)
Photo: SE PA FDP Jam - Peegoo and picnic (62 k)
Photo: SE PA FDP Jam Group Shot (59 k)
Photo: The Killer Coyotes #1 (186 k)
Photo: The Killer Coyotes #2 (204 k)
Photo: The Killer Coyotes #4 (55 k)
Photo: The Killer Coyotes #5 (39 k)
Photo: Warmoth Chambered Strat (158 k)
Photo: YIKES. Quackerjack's first band - 1981 promo shot (67 k)

Musician Ad: Want to Jam: Verona, NJ (United States): Guitarist with vocals available for jam / band situation in NJ

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