Username:  Portsider

Real Name:  Bob Forrest

Age:   57

Country/Location:  Tampa Fla USA

Guild F2-12
Washburn D-11 (My beater)
Reverend Rocco Purple(Eastpointe)
Reverend Custom Blue Dot Avenger
Reverend Jetstream 390 w/ Wilkinson Trem
Fender 60th Anniversary Tele
PRS SE Soapbar II
Columbus P Bass copy Clear Coat
1976 Fender Princeton Reverb
Dr Z Prescription Jr Head
Avatar 1x12 Cabinet w/Eminence Swamp Thang
Carvin 2x12 Cab
Effects I am currently using:
Reverend Drivetrain II
Original 80's Rat
Boss AW-2 Auto Wah
Boss RV-3 Reverb/Delay
Boss PH3 Phaser
Other stuff:
Reverend Drivetrain (the original)
Two Fostex VF16's
Boss Micro BR (yes, I am obsessive)
Zoom RT-323 Drum Machine
DOD Classic Fuzz
In-Line Effects Phaser
Tokai Analog Delay from the 70s
George Dennis Wah Wah Pedal
Several Dano mini's Compressor, Trem, Slap-back echo, Graphic Eq



Comments:  Leader, singer, songwriter, guitarist of Dumb Blind Luck

How I found the FDP:  Link from Harmony Central

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  4/28/09

Moderators: Black Hole Gang  Chris Greene  EA6B  Iron Man  reverendrob  

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