Username:  Pirate

Real Name:  Chris Sacry

Age:   44

Country/Location:  It's a Time Machine

2003 Les Paul R8 Plaintop. Added EMG pups and Grover machine heads.
Mid Nineties Fender MIJ Strat. Added Fender Noiseless pups. Gave this to my Daughter.
1999 Fender 57 RI Strat body with 60 RI Custom Shop rosewood neck. Added EMG David Gilmour pup set and lefty trem.
2006 Fender MIM P-Bass
Very old Japanese classical acoustic.
2009 Les Paul Tribute 1952 Goldtop. This is the best way to remember Les, always.

2 Pirate Amplification built Soldano SLO100 replica heads
Fender Custom Shop ToneMaster head w/2x12 ToneMaster Cab
Marshall 2203 clone heads
Marshall 1959 head
Marshall 1960A 4x12 cab
Behringer 2x10 bass cab
2x12 home made cab with Weber Michigans
2x12 home made cab with EV12L's
1970 Fender Dual Showman Reverb TFL5000D converted into a Blackface '65 Twin Reverb with Weber Californias.
2010 Digidesign "Eleven Rack"!!

Ernie Ball Jr. volume pedal
Dunlop wah pedal
BOSS TU-2 tuner pedal
Marshall Bluesbreaker II BB-2 pedal
Dunlop Zack Wylde overdrive pedal
Nikon- F, F3, F5, D700; SB-600 flash
Leica- M3
Graflex- 4x5 Rangefinder, 3.25x4.25 Rangefinder
Fuji- GW690II 6x9 Rangefinder
Hasselblad- 500C/M Anniversary Edition, 1600F
Yashica- TL Electro
Mamiya/Sekor- DT1000

Link to some jams of mine:



Comments:  And now, I'm a grandfather.

How I found the FDP:  I don't remember, but I'm glad I did!!

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 1952 Canon III Rangefinder (391 k)
Photo: 3 Piece Collection (209 k)
Photo: AK11 (318 k)
Photo: Amped Again (298 k)
Photo: AnnaK1 (196 k)
Photo: AnnaK10 (192 k)
Photo: AnnaK2 (270 k)
Photo: AnnaK3 (189 k)
Photo: AnnaK4 (195 k)
Photo: AnnaK5 (160 k)
Photo: AnnaK6 (198 k)
Photo: AnnaK7 (199 k)
Photo: AnnaK8 (192 k)
Photo: AnnaK9 (187 k)
Photo: Another shot for Tilt-Shift (301 k)
Photo: At the Range in Kuwait (347 k)
Photo: Attempt at Tilt Shift Photography (454 k)
Photo: Business card (111 k)
Photo: Business Card 2 (88 k)
Photo: Business Card 3 (88 k)
Photo: Canon III (333 k)
Photo: Canon III-2 (366 k)
Photo: Check Shot 1 (361 k)
Photo: Check Shot 2 (453 k)
Photo: Check Shot 3 (314 k)
Photo: Christmas at our house (174 k)
Photo: Christmas at our house2 (161 k)
Photo: Christmas at our house3 (157 k)
Photo: Christmas at our house4 (174 k)
Photo: Christmas at our house5 (203 k)
Photo: Clouds at Sunset (472 k)
Photo: Clouds, Original Shot (373 k)
Photo: Cropped Sunset (213 k)
Photo: Exiftool (451 k)
Photo: Exposure Meter (427 k)
Photo: F100 (66 k)
Photo: Film Scan (175 k)
Photo: Film Scan3 (169 k)
Photo: First Rangefinder Shot (421 k)
Photo: First Tattoo (85 k)
Photo: Girl on a Bench (149 k)
Photo: Goldtop Available Light (208 k)
Photo: Goldtop Available Light 2 (214 k)
Photo: Goldtop in Black and White (330 k)
Photo: Goldtop in the Corner (459 k)
Photo: Goldtop Solarized (331 k)
Photo: Goldtop with pick guard (189 k)
Photo: Goldtop Without Guard (187 k)
Photo: Goldtop3 (381 k)
Photo: Goldtop4 (392 k)
Photo: Group of Guys (263 k)
Photo: hair extensions (59 k)
Photo: Lady on Bench (103 k)
Photo: Leather of a Pirate (113 k)
Photo: Little Leather (97 k)
Photo: Long Hair (326 k)
Photo: Look for the Boot (247 k)
Photo: Medics are great (184 k)
Photo: Mopar enthusiists join the Army (226 k)
Photo: My Buddy Sam (199 k)
Photo: My little Girl all Grown up (235 k)
Photo: Mystery Guitar Case (149 k)
Photo: New 1968 Hasselblad "70" film Back (250 k)
Photo: Nikon F4 (318 k)
Photo: On Top of a Glacier (266 k)
Photo: Polarizer Shot 1 (164 k)
Photo: Polarizer Shot 2 (172 k)
Photo: Scoop 1 (236 k)
Photo: Scoop 2 (236 k)
Photo: Scoop 3 (254 k)
Photo: Stream of Rocks (457 k)
Photo: Sunrise and the Boots (70 k)
Photo: Sunrise during a PT test (73 k)
Photo: Sunset Not (419 k)
Photo: Sunset with the Rangefinder (401 k)
Photo: Sunset with the Rangefinder 2 (419 k)
Photo: What's this?? (176 k)
Photo: WireDog (136 k)

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