Username:  Peterw11

Real Name:  Peter Whelan

Age:   61

Country/Location:  Massachusetts

A couple of fairly cheap electric guitars. No fancy stuff for me. It just raises expectations.

I'll buy better ones if I actually learn how to play.




How I found the FDP:  online search

Date registered:  Nov 18th, 2006

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 1963 AC prototype (94 k)
Photo: 53 MG project (81 k)
Photo: 78 Z car (133 k)
Photo: 90 Miata (107 k)
Photo: Adirondack II (190 k)
Photo: Cassie and Minnie (28 k)
Photo: Cassie in Dreamland (66 k)
Photo: Das Boot (66 k)
Photo: Deck view at Georgetown (53 k)
Photo: FDP Jam-Spring 2010 (124 k)
Photo: Good looks run in the family (28 k)
Photo: Ice storm aftermath, Dec '08 (42 k)
Photo: Inside the artist's studio. Georgetown, ME. (52 k)
Photo: Killer Hydrant (77 k)
Photo: Maserati A6GCS (328 k)
Photo: Minnie meets Cassie (30 k)
Photo: Minnie's bad day (25 k)
Photo: MWRA/Deer Island Facility-Boston Harbor (283 k)
Photo: Not mine, but just like it. (62 k)
Photo: OOPS!! (65 k)
Photo: Our angel, Elizabeth (90 k)
Photo: Our toys and their box (104 k)
Photo: Pimp my Miata! (68 k)
Photo: Preparing to dock, Adirondack II (143 k)
Photo: Private museum (34 k)
Photo: Private museum (25 k)
Photo: Shelby Mustang Wagon (41 k)
Photo: Under sail, Newport Harbor, 8/27/10 (177 k)
Photo: Yachts at Newport, 8/27/10 (155 k)
Photo: Z car club rally. Mine's the silver one on the right. (112 k)

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