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Age:   56

Country/Location:  San Diego , Ca.

Strat plus, 62 reissue strat, tokai love rock, 65 BF super reverb, 62 reissue reverb tank, 56 gibson GA-30 and a fiesta red Cray strat, 1976 Guild X500 Stuart, & 2008 LPB 60s classic Strat. Lindy Fralin Model Amp by VVT, Hamer Archtop Goldtop, 1969 SF Vibrolux Reverb-Amp, Clark 5E3, 1978 1x12 Princeton Reverb.


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How I found the FDP:  fender amp site

Date registered:  Dec 30th, 2003

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Photo: CVR & Strat + (155 k)

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