Username:  No Limits

Real Name:  

Age:   47

Country/Location:  Maryland, USA

2004 American Deluxe Strat HSS
2001 American Texas Special Fat Strat
Washburn HB-35 Semi Hollow w/Gibson Electronics and '57 Classic Pups (ES-335 Clone)
Bassman RI - Hoffman Conversion PTP
Deluxe Reverb RI - Hoffman Conversion PTP
Allen Sweet Spot 1X10 Combo
Fender Cyber Deluxe
Roland Micro Cube
Pedal Train board with:
Budda Bud-Wah
Boss TU-2 Tuner
Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret V2
Timmy V2
Zvex Box of Rock
Boss CH1 Chorus




How I found the FDP:  Google

Date registered:  Feb 19th, 2005

Contributing Membership Expires:  Expired

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