Username:  Neil Bell

Real Name:  Neil Bell

Age:   54

Country/Location:  The first 100 songs

2 Strats 1 Tele 2 PRS's 1 LP 1 JP6 2 Boogies
2012 Steve Bailey Jazz Bass VI fretted Black
2008 Classic 50's Precision Honey Blonde
1997 defretted Roscoe Beck V Candy Apple Red
2002 Fender Custom Shop 63 Jazz Closet Classic Lake Placid Blue, white guard
1973 Rickenbacker 4001 JetGlo
2002 Standard (upgrade) Jazz lined fretless black (mint green guard replacement)
1994 American Vintage 57 Pre 2-tone sunburst
2000 American Vintage 75 Jazz, sunburst, white 3-ply (replaced with t/shell), rosewood f'board
2001 American Series 50th Anniversary Precision
1999 American Vintage 62 Precision, black/t'shell
1997 Roscoe Beck Signature V, shoreline gold
1995 USA/Japan Precision A/E tobacco sunburst, (no mods - all factory original)
1992 Status Graphite Series 1 5-string headless in bookmatched American black walnut
Trace Elliot (pre-Gibson) AH600SMX hybrid head
Trace Elliot (pre-Gibson) cabs 4x10w/horn, 4x10
Mesa Big Block 750
Mesa WalkAbout Scout combo 300W 1x12 4 ohm
Mesa Powerhouse 1000 cab 1x15+4x10w/horn 4 ohm
Cafe Walter HPA-1 headphone amplifier
Plus SABBDI's and SAADI, Boss effects, EBS BassIQ, pedalboard &c, Tonebone Switchbone and Bassbone
Korg Ampworks Bass modeling signal processor



Comments:  Started out 35 years ago on a Japanese Columbus Jazz copy. Have owned 27 instruments, played and gigged Yamaha, Wal, '78 Precision, MusicMan (pre EB Stingray & ditto Sabre) Status and Epiphone ABG. Finally came round (back?) to Fender starting with the Roscoe Beck V in '97. Love Precisions, and rediscovering my roots with the joys of the Jazz. There are six basses all over my debut release "Gently Insane" with SHINE. Met Tony Levin in 2002 :) Jammed and overnighted with Malcolm Young (played his '58 Les Paul Standard!). Opened for Nazareth, Dr Hook, Kim Mitchell, Honeymoon Suite etc. Worship Leader, bass player, guitarist with me and my folks doing the 'Partridge Family'-type thing.

How I found the FDP:  Fender web site

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  expired

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