Username:  Napman41

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Country/Location:  Usa

Lefty Fender CS Relic '59 Dakota Red Stratocaster w/ gold anodized guard
Lefty Fender CS Relic '57 Sunburst Hardtail hard V neck carve
Lefty Fender CS Closet Classic '63 Telecaster Daphne Blue w/rosewood board C neck carve
Lefty Fender CS Relic '61 Telecaster Olympic white w/rosewood board Nocaster neck profile and a '59 SD humbucker in the neck.
Lefty Martin D-18 acoustic
Lefty Baby Taylor
Lefty Martin LX1
1964 BF Fender Concert, near mint
1954 Fender Champ
1972 Dual Showman Reverb combo
Victoria Victorette
Victoria 5112
Mesa Boogie Hearbreaker Dual Rec
1968 Ampeg Jet
Fender Champ 600 Mercury Magnetics mod




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