Username:  MikeEC

Real Name:  

Age:   47

Country/Location:  Mpls, Minnesoooota

1993 American Standard Strat
2004 50th Anniversary American Series Strat
2007 AV "Thin Skin" '62 Tele Custom 2Tone sb (FSR)
2007 AV "Thin Skin" '52 Tele, 8.08 lbs (FSR)
2007 AV "Thin Skin" '59 Strat Sherwood Green, 7.66 lbs (FSR) - SOLD
2012 AV "Thin Skin" '54 Strat Two-Tone Sunburst, 7.58 lbs

2003 Laquered Tweed Blues Junior
2007 Blonde Deluxe Reverb Reissue

1887-88 Steinway upright grand piano (rosewood)



Comments:  Great Site! I began lurking to help with GAS but this site just fuels it! 10/13/05, 8/25/06, 4/10/07, 3/07/08, 9/10/08, 1/04/09 mfitz804, 4/22/10, 12/21/11, 4/22/14, 3/18/15

How I found the FDP:  the mothership (

Date registered:  Apr 22nd, 2005

Contributing Membership Expires:  4/22/16

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