Username:  Mike DeTorrice

Real Name:  Mike DeTorrice

Age:   65

Country/Location:  USA

_Guitars_ : modified mid-'70's Stratocaster, 1966 Fender Mustang, 1990 Hamer Chaparral, Fender Telecoustic, Paul Reed Smith Santana SE, Hohner Jack, Harmony 12 String, Ibanez "Les Paul"

_Amps_ : Mk 1 Mesa/Boogie 100w top, 1964 Fender Champ, Marshall JCM 900 50w top, Ampeg VL-502 50w top, Marshall 9004 pre-amp, Mesa Studio .22 combo, Mesa Studio pre-amp, Mesa 50/50 power amp, Fender Mustang I ver.2, Boss Katana 50

_Gadgets_ : Roland GR-1 guitar synth, Roland GP-100 MFX pre-amp, ART Power Plant pre-amp, Marshall SE-100, THD HotPlate, Scholz PowerSoak & Distortion Generator, Alesis QuadraverbGT MFX pre-amp, Yamaha FX-500, FuzzFace, Boss OD-2, Ibanez Metal Screamer, Digitech Bad Monkey and Clapton Crossroads, Fender/Boss Bassman pedal, Fender/Boss Deluxe Reverb pedal, Vox Satchurator, Carl Martin Plexi-Tone, Boss Adaptive Distortion, Tech21 RK5, Xotic BB Preamp and way too many other toys.




How I found the FDP:  Surfing Guitar sites on the internet

Date registered:  Oct 29th, 2002

Contributing Membership Expires:  6/14/19

Moderators: Chris Greene  Iron Man  reverendrob  

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