Username:  Mark From Hawaii

Real Name:  Mark Yamamoto

Age:   59

Country/Location:  The Aloha State, USA

Voodoo Strat -- black w/maple board.
'62 RI Strat -- 3-tone burst.
Floyd Rose Classic Strat -- CA Red, Duncan Dimebucker bridge pup, Lace Holy Grail middle pup and Duncan JB Jr. neck pup. Added Boss GK-3 divided pickup for GR-55.
Ibanez RG-560 -- Purple Ice w/Duncan Full Shred bridge pup.
ca. '75 blonde Strat w/maple board. Highly modded "Frankie" (please don't hate me): Shecter locking tremolo, Bill Lawrence single blade bridge pup, on-board power booster, Duncan Vintage neck pup.
ca. '72 Gibson Les Paul Custom -- "fretless wonder" original pups w/Alembic Hot Rod kit mod.
Charvel Acoustic/Electric.
Ibanez "beat to he-double fiddle sticks" Dreadnaught.
Alvarez-Yairi Classical.
Breedlove Atlas AC25SR Plus Acoustic.
PRS Custom 24
Gibson ES-335 Memphis figured light burst

Fuchs Audio ODS HRM 50W Head
Bogner Alchemist 2x12 cab.
PRS 50 W "C" head.
Marshall 50 W 1987X RI head.
ADA Tube Power Amp (currently out of commission).
ADA MP-1 Preamp.
ADA MP-2 Preamp.
Marshall 1960A 4x12 cab retrofitted with Celestion G12M-25 Greenbacks.
Fender Blues Jr. Tweed.
Mesa/Boogie Mk II combo.
Sunn Model T head.
2 ea. Heil 4x12 cab.
Silverface Bassman 100 head.

Dunlop Volume Pedal
TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay
TC Electronic Corona Chorus+ Tri-Chorus
Ibanez TS-9 OD
Bogner Ecstacy Red Distortion
Radial Electronics Tonebone Classic Tube Overdrive.
Radial Electronics Hot British Tube Overdrive.
FoxRox Captain Coconut 2.
Fulltone Clyde wah.
Fulltone Clyde Deluxe wah.
Vox wah.
Boss ME-30 Multi-effects.
Boss ME-70 Multi-FX.
Yamaha FX-500 rack unit.
Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere.
Visual Sound Jeckyl & Hyde.
Xotic RC Booster.
Xotic SL Drive.
Boss GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer.
Other various and sundry floor toys too numerous to mention.

Recording stuff:
Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Audio Interface
Reaper DAW
Boss BR1180-CD 8-track Digital Workstation
Sony dual cassette deck.
Boss drum machine.



Comments:  Married to best friend Camilla who teaches music (Keiki Kani Music Studios). Two children -- daughter Ku'ulei and son Kaipo. I know just enough about electricity and electronics to be DANGEROUS!

How I found the FDP:  I was taken to this place via the old Fender World links

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: '62 RI and Voodoo Strats (47 k)
Photo: 1960A Cab - Now With Greenbacks (82 k)
Photo: Babyback ribs smoked in the Kamado (101 k)
Photo: Back side of the '62 (31 k)
Photo: Big Pedalboard (55 k)
Photo: Blue HECO Sign on Parade Float (94 k)
Photo: Breedlove Atlas (31 k)
Photo: Breedlove Atlas in Case (74 k)
Photo: Chevy Volt parked in my garage (388 k)
Photo: Clean Shot of the 1987X Head (336 k)
Photo: Dad & Kaipo (102 k)
Photo: ES-335 Figured Back (435 k)
Photo: ES-335 Figured Burst (466 k)
Photo: ES-335 with Fuchs ODS (455 k)
Photo: Every Garage Needs One (343 k)
Photo: Everyone Paddle! (96 k)
Photo: Floyd Rose Classic Strat (53 k)
Photo: Floyd Rose Classic Strat with New Pups (51 k)
Photo: Gator G-Tour Pedalboard (129 k)
Photo: H&K Tube Rotosphere and Captain Coconut 2 (32 k)
Photo: Hawaiian Kine Games, Brah! (107 k)
Photo: Headstock (65 k)
Photo: HTML Example 1 (14 k)
Photo: IPLAYLOUD Tearing It Up (93 k)
Photo: Just a Few Stompboxes and Such (68 k)
Photo: Just Too Many to Fit (420 k)
Photo: Kaipo's 2006 Pinewood Derby Car for Pack 322 (82 k)
Photo: Kid Charlemagne Solo Chords - Unofficial Disclaimer (109 k)
Photo: Ma ma ma my Kamado! (95 k)
Photo: Mo Better '62 RI photo (54 k)
Photo: PRS 2-Channel "C" Head on top of Marshall 1987X Head (137 k)
Photo: PRS Custom 24 McCarty Burst (164 k)
Photo: PRS Custom 24 McCarty Burst - another angle (76 k)
Photo: PRS Fanboi pic (216 k)
Photo: Red and Green HECO Parade Lights (17 k)
Photo: Ribs smoking (105 k)
Photo: Shadoe, IPLAYLOUD, and moi (102 k)
Photo: Small Pedalboard - After Decision-making (383 k)
Photo: Strat and PRS gig setup (292 k)
Photo: Sunn Model T (65 k)
Photo: TC Electronic Corona Tri-Chorus (95 k)
Photo: The "Other" Electrics (62 k)
Photo: The Mountains (98 k)
Photo: Tiger Cubster (65 k)
Photo: Tweed Blues Jr. (74 k)
Photo: Voodoo Neck Plate (64 k)
Photo: Voodoo Strat (33 k)
Photo: Xotic SL Drive (118 k)

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