Username:  LadyJazzer

Real Name:  Brandy Herbert

Age:   72

Country/Location:  Colorado, USA

1952 Telecaster (NOT a reissue), with Double E/B-Parson's Stringbender installed.
1960 Jazzmaster
1968 Telecaster (Early Parsons-White B/String-Bender installed (#0105)
1965 Fender Solid-Body XII-string
1979 "Silver Anniversary" Stratocaster
1974 "Jazz Bass"
2006 Strat w/Roland GK-3 synth pickup
1960 Fender Showman (white)
1969 Fender "Vibrolux-Reverb"
1975 Fender "Stage-75" Amp
1992 Fender "Deluxe-112/Plus" amp
1992 Fender "RAD-Bass" amp
2005 Fender "Cyber-Deluxe" amp
1961 Gibson "Johnny Smith" guitar
1990 Epiphone "Emperor" archtop
2006 Godin "ACS-SA/Slim" nylon, synth-enabled
1990 Ibanez electric nylon-string
2005 Gibson "Hummingbird Traveling-Songwriter"
MSA Double-10/(8-4) Pedal Steel
Pod/XT w/FBV long pedalboard
Roland GR-33 Synth



Comments:  Ã¯Ã¿Ã½Brandy Herbert is a splendid guitarist with a strong southwestern influence...Born in Dallas..and establishes a fine, funky mood.ïÿý ïÿý Leonard Feather (JazzTimes) Playing professionally for over 40 years; Toured with Bobbie Gentry; The Original Platters; Have played with MANY of the major jazz-artists; Women's Jazz Festivals, Kansas City, 1978-1986...(All-Star: 1981,1983); Recording session player ---- Partial list of credits: Teresa Brewer, Sammy Davis, Jr., Kay Starr, Michael Martin Murphy, Lionel Hampton, Benny Goodman, Patti Page, Steve Allen, Burl Ives, The Four Aces, Nancy Wilson, Anita O'Day, Dave & Sugar, (ïÿýQueen of the Silver Dollarïÿý) Arnette Cobb, Clifford "Scotty" Scott ("Honky Tonk"/Bill Doggett), Nat Adderley, Kim Stone (bassist: ïÿýThe Rippingtonsïÿý)

How I found the FDP:  Found it via search-engine a few years ago

Date registered:  Apr 5th, 2003

Contributing Membership Expires:  12/13/14

Musician Ad: Want to Collaborate on Projects: Denver, Colorado (United States): Lady Pro: Long-Time Pro (guitar/bass/steel) available
Musician Ad: Want to Join Band: Denver, Colorado (United States): Lady Pro: Long-Time Pro (guitar/bass/steel) available

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