Username:  Juice Maloose

Real Name:  

Age:   32

Country/Location:  'Stallis, WI


MIM Standard Strat - Maple, Lake Placid Blue
- Lace Hot Golds W/ Hot Bridge
- Jimmie Vaughan wiring
- Fender/Schaller Locking Tuners
- No Load Tone Control for Bridge Pup
- GFS Steel Saddles

MIM Standard Strat 920D Custom Mod 60's Hot Rod - Artic White, Rosewood
- Mint green PG & aged plastics
- Fender/Schaller Locking Tuners
- Vintage Noiseless Pickups

MIM Standard Strat - Maple, Midnight Wine
- Fender Chrome Locking Tuners
- GFS Steel Saddles
- Duncan Custom Stack (B), Classic Stack, (M), & Vintage Hot Stack (N)

Epiphone Les Paul Custom - Ebony, Ebony Board
- Stew Mac Golden Age Parson's St. Alnico II set

Epiphone G400 PRO - Cherry
- All stock - the Alnico Classic PRO humbuckers are surprisingly good!

Squier Standard Tele, Blonde Rosewood
- GFS TC Alnico Hot Tele Lead


Fender CF140S Folk-Size
Squier Mini-Acoustic


Fender Mustang III V2
Fender G-DEC Jr.
Marshall MG10CF


GFS Greenie OD
GFS Brownie Distortion
Joyo D-Seed Delay
Moen Shaky Jimi Vibe
Dunlop 95Q Wah




How I found the FDP:  I found it to be less filling and great tasting.

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

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