Username:  Jazzbass66

Real Name:  Michael Sonneson

Age:   50

Country/Location:  2 much ain't enough

Lots of basses,guitars and amplifiers.
Picks everywhere.
Old Ampeg SVT's,Jess Olover restored 62 B-15


Website:  no commercial links!

Comments:  100,000th post 3-23-05

How I found the FDP:  Building guitars...searching the web for info...

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  expired

Photo: 1958 Precision bass (127 k)
Photo: 1959 Precision bass (121 k)
Photo: 1966 jazz bass dots and binding (110 k)
Photo: 1968 Oly white P bass headstock (108 k)
Photo: 1968 P bass Oly white and tort (98 k)
Photo: 1968 Telecaster bass black with ovals (114 k)
Photo: 1968 Telecaster Bass Firemist Gold Metallic (173 k)
Photo: 1968 telecaster Bass FMgold full body (208 k)
Photo: 1968 Telecaster bass lake placid blue metallic (111 k)
Photo: 1969 Telecaster bass Dakota Red (122 k)
Photo: 1972 black and tort P bass (134 k)
Photo: 1972 jazz bass gorgeous relic (121 k)
Photo: 1972 Precison bass lake placid blue metallic (123 k)
Photo: 3 cloned bursts (132 k)
Photo: 59 P sunburst (72 k)
Photo: 65 Fiesta Red P bass clone (106 k)
Photo: 65 FR P bass clone headstock detail (128 k)
Photo: A plethora of P bass's (169 k)
Photo: Ampeg portaflex B18 head B15 cab (281 k)
Photo: Vintage series 7-82 57 P bass V000 (109 k)

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