Username:  Jake The Loafer

Real Name:  Marc Lerner

Age:   67

Country/Location:   B'ham, Alabama

*1966 Fender DuoSonic II.
*1995 Am. Standard Tele w/ NoCaster pups w/4-way switch.
*1995 Am. Standard Strat w/ Texas Specials & pull pot for 7 pickup combinations.
*2000 Fender Am. Series Strat w/ CS Fat 50's.
*1965 Fender Jaguar Vintage Reissue
*2000 Guild X-170T (Westerly Made)
*2001 Guild X-160 Rockabilly w/ 2000 DeArmond
Pups (Westerly Made)
*1998 Guild JF65 Jumbo Acoustic (Westerly Made)
*1987 Guild JF30-12 (Westerly Made)
*1996 Heritage Custom H550 (Owned by Bob Saxton)
*Guild Blues 90 (Westerly Made)
*1997 Guild Starfire IV (Westerly Made)
*2002 Guild Bluesbird Standard (Corona Made)
*2005 Guild D-55
*Guild DV52
*Guild X-500
*Guild SFIV-12 String
*1962 Guild CEDP "Capri" w/ Franz Pups
*2002 Guild X-180 Park Ave.
*Yamaha A/E APX 20-D Stereo.
*Alvarez Acoustic purchased new in 1972.
*Tiesco Electric (60's ?)
*Sivertone Electric (60's ?)
*'65 RI Jaguar

Fender '70's Silverface Twin Reverb w/ Pre-CBS conversion.
Fender Tweed Blues DeVille w/ 4 Jensen P10-R speakers.
Fender Tweed Blues Deluxe.
Fender Silverface Champ
Fender Silverface Vibro Champ w/ Jensen P8-R
Fender '65 DRRI
Fender SF Princeton Reverb
Fender 1964 Outboard Reverb Tank
Fender Acoustisonic Amp
Epi. Valve Jr. Head

Piano - 1932 Mason & Hamlin Baby Jumbo which was my Grandparents on my Mom's side. Excellent condition.

Boss BR-8 8-track recorder.
Boss 1180 recorder
Boss Jam Station
Yamaha GW50 effects processor.
Carvin PA system
Nady Wireless Units
Boss ME-50 effects unit
Boss Fender '59 Bassman pedal
Radial Twin City ABY Amp Switcher
TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3
Several Hundred American Made Power, Preamp & Rectifier NOS, UOS & used Vacuum Tubes




How I found the FDP:  From the Fender web site back around 1995..

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

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