Username:  Itchy

Real Name:  

Age:   41

Country/Location:  Orlando, FL

Tokai LS80S Love Rock ('56 Goldtop)
2003 Epiphone ES-295
Tungsten Amplification 5E5-A Pro
1964 Fender Reverb Unit




How I found the FDP:  

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  Moderator Emeritus

Photo: Epi ES295, Tokai "Love Rock" LS80S goldtop (83 k)
Photo: First gig ever (73 k)
Photo: First guitar (54 k)
Photo: First guitar part 2 (85 k)
Photo: First guitar part 3 (95 k)
Photo: Great Big Kid at the Copper Rocket Pub (70 k)
Photo: Great Big Kid, Copper Rocket Pub, Maitland FL (65 k)
Photo: Itchy at the Midway (38 k)
Photo: Itchy with Bayou Gator (39 k)
Photo: Itchy with King Rockahula (40 k)
Photo: Itchy with Mitch Woods, part deux (21 k)
Photo: Midnight Ramblers at the Alley 1 (214 k)
Photo: My old 68 GTO (wish I had her back) (27 k)
Photo: Old school! (134 k)
Photo: Orlando Blues Fest 2005 (126 k)
Photo: P90 out of phase pickup mod (46 k)
Photo: Smokin Torpedoes, Crane's Roost Park (63 k)
Photo: Springfield M1 Garand (324 k)
Photo: Springfield M1 Garand - cleaned up (132 k)
Photo: Tokai LS-80S Love Rock ('56 Goldtop Les Paul) (31 k)
Photo: Tungsten 5E5-A Pro (76 k)
Photo: With LP Special 55 reissue (77 k)

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