Username:  IPLAYLOUD

Real Name:  John Cola

Age:   55

Country/Location:  I play a guitar...

Naked Body Guitars '54 Esquire Relic, My "Belle".
Naked Body Guitars '59 Custom Esquire Relic "Honey"
'67 Coronado II Wildwood II
'67 Coronado II Firemist Gold Metallic
'67 Coronado II Lefty-flipped-righty Surf Greene
'69 Competition Orange Mustang Guitar
'69 Competition Orange Mustang Bass
'80's Robin Ranger Bass 2 Tone Burst
'98 Robin Savoy Custom
'00 Reverend Rocco Aged White
'02 Reverend Rumblefish XL Moroccan Gold
'06 Reverend Club King 290 Tropical Dawn Metallic/Les Trem
'09 Reverend Flatroc Burgundy Mist Metallic
'11 Reverend Rick Vito Rose Mist
'12 Reverend MR290
'57 Airline Archtop. White/Green Diamonds
Danelectro Hodad Baritone Tan
?? Dean Evo Burst.
Squier '51 screwed to the Living Room Wall
for "ambiance".

Fender Mustang III
Fender DRRI
Peavey Bandit 112 Transtube Version 1
Peavey Bandit 112 Transtube Version 3
Roland Cube 60X
Crate Powerblock
Reverend Drivetrain II (Pre-production)
Reverend Drivetrain II
Boss Echo
Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus
Samson Airline Wireless
Reverend Kingsnake 20/60
Boss Super Octave OC-3
Korg G3 Effects Processor
Digitech Bad Monkey / Psycho Chimp
Pigtronix Philosopher's King
Line 6 Verbzilla
Danelectro Cool Cat Tremolo
RockOn Pedalboard
Fender Western Tooled Vinyl Case...WOW!
George L's Cables
StringDogs Armor Gold Cable...slimy looking.
2 Monster Cables for the hell of it.

Unused Pickguard for an Antigua Starcaster.
I hadn't thought this guitar existed until one turned up recently.
It had a pickguard. Oh well.



Comments:  Original member: Scottsdale 6 Semi-Official endorser since 2000: Reverend Guitars Consultant: Naked Body Guitars. ;-)

How I found the FDP:  Member #13 from Day 1, Hour 1

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  3/1/16

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