Username:  Hiero

Real Name:  

Age:   49

Country/Location:  UK

'73 Fender Stratocaster (hardtail)
Gibson Les Paul (custom ivory)
Gibson ES 335 Cherry
vintage Hofner Archtop E457
'86 Yamaha SG2000S
PRS SE Soapbar II custom
Custom Telecaster
Custom Stratocaster
Fender Super-Sonic (Blonde)
Fender Bassman 59 ltd (sold)
57 Tweed Deluxe
Cornford Roadhouse 30W combo
Session Rockette 30 (circa '86)
Pignose G40V (2x6L6 3x12AX7) 40W
Fender Super Champ XD
Auduition (Teisco) 15w piggyback 'blackface' circa 1972 - the detachable birch ply cab often used as 1x12 extension with either Cannabis Rex or Celestion V30 loaded - still earning its keep 37 years on!

Boss ME5 (with Custom Boutique Pedal Patches)
Kay Wah-1 (1973 vintage)
PROEL DS-10 (my main 'magic' pedal and would cry if lost!)
Cool Cat Drive (OCD)
Cool Cat Transparent OD (Timmy)
Cool Cat Vibe
Digitech Tone Driver, Hot Rod, DD1, Wah Synth



Comments:  I don't do pedals as such as the amps and guitars give enough variables and dynamics for my music. However, the a;; new Custom 'Boutique' patches in my BOSS ME5 are great for recording or DI into a DAW. They of course sound as good with a clean amp and include: Amp emulations for Big Tweed, Driven Deluxe and Marshall Bluesbreaker and JTM-45 as well as rarer pedal classics: Rangemaster, Fuzz-Face, Vibratone, stereo Leslie, Univibe, '63 Reverb, Tone Press and more... I sell these in a nice package if anyone wants a set is just $10 inc msg for details on getting a set.

How I found the FDP:  google

Date registered:  Dec 3rd, 2007

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

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