Username:  Gottabe

Real Name:  


Country/Location:  Florida

2010 MIM FSR Telecaster BSB (Special Run for GC)
2004 Amer Delux 50th Anniv Stratocaster
1972 Gibson SG, bought it from a friend in '73
2009 Squire Classic Vibe Jazz Bass
2010 Ovation Celebrity
1958 Martin 0-15 solid mahogany, bought it in '63
1967 Orlando MIJ nylon acoustic
1950's Favilla Baritone Ukulele

Fender '65 Delux Reverb Reissue
Vox Valvetronix AD60VT amp -- gotta love it...
Marshall MB30 Bass amp
Quantum 15-Watt practice amp
Line6 PODxt
Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3

Cubase 4
Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 3 studio
Presonus FireBox
Focusrite Saffire 6 USB interface
Tascam FW-1082 control surface



Comments:  -- Can't play Stevie Ray, Gottabe him anyway; Pentatonic, sling-a-tonic, now I strum it my way; Gotta wife, gotta life, lookin for some time to play... C'mon and getta grip on Love Struck Baybee. Drop in'to Lenny's smooth & sassy, oh so glassy, undeniably contrasty --> waves. -- Err, Maybe I should'a made a weaker Vodka tonic

How I found the FDP:  Google search -- Google find!

Date registered:  Sep 27th, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  5/29/19

Photo: 2010 FSR Telecaster BSB (Special Run for GC) (83 k)
Photo: 2010 FSR Telecaster BSB (Special Run for GC) (69 k)

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