Username:  Gene Dunn

Real Name:  Gene Dunn

Age:   63

Country/Location:  USA, Sacramento, CA


2000 Allen Old Flame head
1946 Fender Princeton 8 Woodie
1948 Gibson BR9 tube amp
1966 "Ruggedized" Kalamazoo Bass 50 amp running KT66's
1970's 2-speed Leslie-18 speaker cabinet
TubeSonic Audio semi-openbacked 2x10 cabinet loaded with Jensen C10N's
70's Webb Amplification ported sealed back 1x15 cabinet. Loaded with an Altec Lansing 421A speaker


2001 Fender Nashville B-Bender Telecaster, maple neck, reversed control plate. Replaced Tele neck pickup with Lollar P90.
1994 Paul Reed Smith Custom 24, quilt-top w/birds, gold hardware, Rolling B-bender
1985 Alvarez-Yairi DY-90 acoustic dreadnought with custom B-bender installed by Gene Parsons, ToneWoodAmp on back.
1997 Tacoma Papoose with Fishman pickup
2013 Ibanez Pat Metheny Signature PM-2 with Lollar Charlie Christian pickup


LYT Pedalboard
EHX HumDebugger noise reduction pedal
ISP Decimator noise reduction pedal
Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe MDV-3
Keeley Caverns Reverb-Delay
Bixonix Expandora (original model)
Budda Bud-Wah wah pedal with variable Q
Keeley Neutrino Envelope Filter
Thomas Organ Crybaby wah pedal
Barber Electronics Tone Press compressor
Digitech JamMan Express XT Looper
Peterson Strobostomp tuner
Fulltone TruePath ABY-ST
DOD FX-25 Envelope Filter (original sick green 2-knob)
Alesis Microverb
Digitech XP-300 Space Station modulation pedal
DeArmond volume pedal
Behringer ULTRA G Active Direct Box
Alctron DCT-200 Isolated Power Supply
George L's cables everywhere.....



Comments:  Don't trouble trouble 'til trouble troubles you.

How I found the FDP:  Linked from Fender Field Amp Guide

Date registered:  Mar 9th, 2002

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