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1964 Guild D 40 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar LR Baggs preamp and EMG transducer
1989 Gibson J200 Jumbo Acoustic Guitar
1984 Fender USA Strat Plus Deluxe Electric Guitar (probably '87 - they didn't come out that early but the date code says '84. Lace Silver in bridge, 500K vol pot, TBX mod)
1984 Fender Flame - modded to Robben Ford Ultra FM specs - Electric Guitar
~1992 Kentucky KM-140 A Style Mandolin
1999 Heritage Eagle Archtop Electric Guitar
2000 Fender MIM Jazz V Bass
1999 SWR Strawberry Blonde - converted to Bass Amplifier
1995 Fender Blues DeVille 4x10 (Blue Alnico) - Twinstack mod, bias adjust, and extra gain stage added to Drive channel - Amplifier
1997 MIA Fender Blues Jr. - *lots* of mods: stiffened power supply, tone stack, twin stack, cooler bias, new OT, presence control / bright switch, clean boost, preamp boost, voicing mods, 2x10 cab C Gold 10s - Amplifier
2006 RC Designs Aspen Hollowbody Electric - Acoustic Guitar
1964 Fender BF Princeton - Amplifier BONE STOCK down to 2 prong cord (finally did the cap can and cord)
1994 Fender '65 DRRI w/ Celestion Gold speaker, Allen TO25 output transformer 4-8 ohm taps, Tung Sols everywhere in preamp except NOS Mullards in the 12AT7 spots, the near infamous "Fritz" Mod, power supply stiffening, aka Fritz mod 2, Phillips 6V6S's, clipped bright cap, normal channel converted to Fuchs style preamp, and a Weber Beam Blocker - Amplifier
2004 Fuchs ODS 30 Head (SLX voicing, 4 way Artist footswitch) and Mini 112 cab w/ Alnico Weber Blue Dog, 2x12 cab w/ Alnico Weber Blue Dog and Ceramic Weber Silver Bell - Amplifier
2007 Todd Treadway (aka "Bear" on FDP) Cigar Box electric guitar - Perfect for traveling !!
Rogue Telecaster project guitar Rumpelstiltskin White Ropes on a 4 way!
Early Wechter Scheerhorn dobro, rosewood / spruce with f holes
2012 Harvest Guitars 00 "Songwriter" Acoustic Guitar



Comments:  Playing all SORTS of tunes since I was a tyke. Would love to jam with SF Northbay area FDPers.

How I found the FDP:  google

Date registered:  Mar 17th, 2005

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: "Fritz" mod - bring reverb/vib to normal channel of DRRI (17 k)
Photo: "Fritz" mod 2 - DeFLUB the bass on your DRRI (22 k)
Photo: 100 kHz oscillation in the Blues Junior (3 k)
Photo: 55 Deluxe - Control Panel (107 k)
Photo: 55 Deluxe and a friend (Strat Plus) (95 k)
Photo: Annie (100 k)
Photo: BF/SF Princeton and PR Stokes Mod (30 k)
Photo: BJr - Chassis Bottom (82 k)
Photo: BJr - Compare the stock OT with the GA15 OT (76 k)
Photo: BJr - New Output Transformer (71 k)
Photo: BJr - PCB after Billm Tonestack Mods (111 k)
Photo: BJr - PCB All Wired Up (137 k)
Photo: Bjr - PCB Back in Chassis (128 k)
Photo: BJr - Small Parts (37 k)
Photo: BJr - Weber California 12 Ceramic (94 k)
Photo: Black Face Princeton Reverb (102 k)
Photo: Blues Junior Voicing Mod (10 k)
Photo: D Rogue and Fritz on the Haight (173 k)
Photo: DRRI mods - channel switching overdrive (68 k)
Photo: DRRI mods - Fix the Ticky Tremelo (84 k)
Photo: DRRI mods - Output Transformer 4 and 8 ohm taps through the 'Ground' Switch (124 k)
Photo: DRRI mods - Output Transformer and Copper Cap (110 k)
Photo: DRRI mods - Output Transformer Comparison (74 k)
Photo: DRRI mods - revoicing for ODS style preamp channel (59 k)
Photo: DRRI mods - the Fritz mod (pic) (64 k)
Photo: Fritz_D_Cat Self Portrait (81 k)
Photo: Fuchs and Cook Rig (99 k)
Photo: Fuchs ODS 30 with BJr and RC Design Aspen Hollowbody (56 k)
Photo: Guitar Cleanup and Setup Day at Chez Fritz (321 k)
Photo: Mr. & Mrs. Fritz at Chester's Bayview Cafe' (127 k)
Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Fritz with Jude at Chester's (351 k)
Photo: Mrs. Fritz - Jamming (33 k)
Photo: Norcal Jamaroo IV - 1 (104 k)
Photo: Norcal Jamaroo IV - 2 (79 k)
Photo: Norcal Jamaroo IV - 3 (76 k)
Photo: our idol ! (3 k)
Photo: PRRI - Filter Cap C28 Boost (pic) (181 k)
Photo: PRRI - Stokes Mod (pic) (181 k)
Photo: PRRI - Stokes Mod - Instructions and Diagram (113 k)
Photo: Rick and Fred playing some Blues at Applegate (115 k)
Photo: Rogue Tele 1 at the ready (95 k)
Photo: Rogue Tele 2 - Fender 6 barrel bridge (83 k)
Photo: Rogue Tele 3 - Whites Ropes pups, 4 way switch (96 k)
Photo: Rogue Tele 4 - String Ferrules (46 k)
Photo: Shane Nicolas Demos the Deluxe VM at Namm (103 k)
Photo: So Cal Jam with bigdave (103 k)
Photo: Speaker Plots (257 k)
Photo: Stare at this for 3 minutes or so --- (88 k)
Photo: Steve's Rolls (167 k)
Photo: Sugarbeet here ! (120 k)
Photo: Sugarbeet in Sonoma Countryside (77 k)
Photo: Sugarbeet opens the Toronado Pub (93 k)
Photo: Sugarbeet Opens the Toronado Pub (closeup) (75 k)
Photo: Sugarbeet with D Rogue and Fritz_D_Cat at Toronado pub on the Haight (136 k)
Photo: Toronado Pub Interior (133 k)
Photo: TTIUWP (42 k)
Photo: View from Viansa Winery in Sonoma County (198 k)
Photo: Why a lot of guys learn to play (41 k)

Musician Ad: Want to Jam: San Fran, Bay Area, CA, California (United States): Versatile, ready to jam, North bay

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