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Country/Location:  USA

An embarrassing amount of not too expensive guitars mostly bought used.

Telecasters (I�m mostly a Tele player since 1980):
Nashville Tele with Fender 52 RI bridge and bridge pickup.
Often my first choice when I grab a Tele for funky rhythm guitar work

MIJ 50s Telecaster with some kind of nice sounding twin blade single coil-sized humbucker in the bridge position
Still has the vintage pickup switch setup I believe (dark neck pickup sound), which for some reason I like.

Copper 52 RI body, pickups and hardware with a 90s American Standard neck
I keep this one strung with 11s (my other Teles use .010 to .038 Traditional Light set) for thicker and tougher sounding stuff. This would be my first choice for guitar to be carrying in a bar fight.

CIJ TN85-SPL �Fat Nashville Thinline� with Fender Nocaster bridge pickup and Graphtec bridge saddles.
The Swiss Army knife of Telecasters! Neck humbucker, check; Tele single coil bridge, check; traditional Tele neck pickup (though in the middle), check; bridge + middle quack, check; Tele bridge plus neck humbucker, check.

MIM Fat Tele, stock
Before the Fat Nashville Thinline, the Tele I�d grab if you wanted the biggest variety of sounds. Maybe a guitar is search of a role now.

Squire Tele Custom II, also stock. Nice chunky neck, and mean noisy P90 style sounds.

Other Fenders: Strat Plus (stock), a MIM Strat Standard left hand strung right (for when I want to remind myself of what Jimi had to play), Seven DeArmonds including a S73 with a Roland MIDI pickup, a S73-12 (again, love that green), the single coil solid body with a Bigbsy, a super light M72, a X155 jumbo hollow body and two basses (one an Ashbory).

Notable non-Fenders:
A Reverend Slingshot, a Carvin DC150, a Hohner Revelation. A �better than it has any reason to be� Hohner Strat copy, an Sammick Strat copy with EMG pickups, two Korean made Flying V bodied guitars, the latest a decent 50s Flying V copy, a Sammick Les Paul copy with the �Peter Green� pickup mod, a Aria semi-hollowbody with Varitone switch and Gibson pickups.

Fender Princeton Black Panel, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Marshall JCM850, Carvin X60B, Mesa Boogie Subway, Vox AD30VT, and a bunch of small �practice� amps hanging around such as a SS Fender Bronco, a Fender G-DEC, an original Pignose, a Super Champ XD, and so on.

Also an original model POD upgraded to 2.0 chip

Effects: don�t really use stomp boxes anymore. Used to use a Big Muff, a EH Clone Theory and Baldwin/Vox Wah. Still occasionally plug in a Route 66 overdrive, or use a Budda Wah or the Wah on the POD floor board. I�ll use the onboard time based effects on the Vox or POD when I�m in a weird mood, but most of the time I�m a straight into the amp man these days.

Acoustic guitars:
Guild JF30 12 string, Martin 0015, Parkwood rosewood body dread, Seagull S6 Folk, Alvarez Yari OM body model, a Maya brand 00 sized body MIJ solid spruce top from the 70s, and a Epiphone Biscuit resonator.

Recording setup:
Shure SM57 microphones into a Yamaha 12/4 mixer and into a Digidesign Digi001 interface to ProTools LE 6 running on a �built it myself� PIII 1.2 Mhz/ASUS P2B computer. I have a couple of cheap MXL condenser microphones too.



Comments:  Played "punk/folk" in the late 70's and early 80's with the LYL Band. Currently plays at a wide variety of music and listens to an even wider variety.

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