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Age:   50

Country/Location:  USA Ohio

74P bass,98 P dlux bass,99 Jazz Ash,98 Mex Jazz,01 Jazz,95 Ibanez TRB100 bass,02 P bass,o4 Oscar bass, 02 Stratocaster,81 Schecter Tele, 93 Tele, 05 Flamecaster , 03 Stratocaster,04 Squire 51, 86 Kramer Aerostar,01 Ibanez 905 Ergodyne,06 Orangecaster,05 Classic Strat (surf), 02 Tele Thineline (surf), 76 P bass, 68 Tele bass, Fender m-80 bass amp, GK RB 800 amp, Ampeg 410 HLF cab, 86 Marshall lead 20, 05 Marshall mg250, Crate I, Crate II, Bag End 115 bass cab, POD bass and guitar, Zoom 506, Roland keys and digital recorder, Event studio monitors- much more but that might do it for now!!!




How I found the FDP:  basic search

Date registered:  May 14th, 2006

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