Username:  Elmo66

Real Name:  


Country/Location:  Midwest USA

1960 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster-Oly White with Nocaster-shaped neck (2006)
2005 Eric Johnson Stratocaster-White
1962 Fender CIJ Stratocaster-Sonic Blue (2000)
1962 Fender AVRI Stratocaster-Vintage White (2001)
2003 Fender Jimmie Vaughan Stratocaster-White
1956 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster-Black (2001)
1951 Fender Custom Shop Nocaster Super Relic (1999)
1962 Fender AVRI Custom Telecaster-Sea Foam Green (2002)
1966 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster-Vintage White (2006)
1978 Fender Precision Bass-Black
1927 Gibson L-4
1927 Gibson L-3 (Factory mint shape!)
1923 Gibson L-3 Snakehead
1924 Gibson L-2
1923 Gibson Style O
1955 Gibson ES-125
1967 Gibson LG0
1999 Gibson Blues King Electro
1986 Rickenbacker 370-White
1970 Epiphone Riviera
1991 Washburn EA-20 Acoustic
1961 Harmony Stratotone Jupiter
1985 G&L Broadcaster (Leo Fender signed)
1920 Gibson Model A mandolin
1935 National Duolian



Comments:  Never eat anything bigger than your head.

How I found the FDP:  Medium well

Date registered:  Jun 1st, 2006

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: Abe O' Wheat (414 k)
Photo: Hendrix Woodstock Strat maple cap (300 k)
Photo: Hendrix Woodstock Strat wide neck joint (292 k)
Photo: It's Columbia, not Colombia! (171 k)
Photo: Power Resistor (52 k)

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