Username:  EdMan57

Real Name:  Edward Sousa

Age:   50

Country/Location:  San Diego,CA/USA

'95 Fender American Standard Strat w/Seymour Duncan SSL-6/SSL-2/SSL-2 pups and matching headstock
'95 USA Hamer Studio Archtop w/Duncan CS PAF's
'92 USA Hamer P-90 Special
'09 Special Edition American Standard Tele
'07 USA Washburn WI70 Pilsen XL
'94 USA Washburn/Grover Jackson MG-120
'04 Yamaha Pacifica 612v w/ DiMarzio pups
'95 Peavey Fury bass w/ DiMarzio Model-P

'84 Mesa Boogie MKIIC+ head w/factory EL34 mod
'85 Dean Markley CD-30 tube combo
'02 Pinnell Studio 12 Class A EL34 head
'97 Hughes & Kettner Studio 84 combo
'97 Bedrock 651 special NAMM floor model
'09 Laney LC15-110 combo
'60's Supro Class A 1-8" combo w/RCA 6V6
'05 Carvin PB100-10 bass combo

'03 Trutone Custom 1-12" cab w/Celestion G12K-100
'07 Lopo Large 1-12" w/vintage EVM12L
'09 Lopo Slant 2-12" cab w/ Celestion G12H-30's

'04 Area 51 vintage spec wah
'01 Carl Martin Comp/Limiter
'07 Boss DD-20 GigaDelay
'08 Onerr CB-1 Cryin' Wah
'00 Boss GE-7 graphic EQ
'10 TC Electronic Nova Repeater delay
'08 Onerr DGD-2 24-bit delay
'94 Peavey Valverb rack tube reverb/tremolo unit
'00 Roland SRV3030 32 bit rack reverb unit
'99 Presonus Blue Max comp/limiter
'02 Yamaha PSR282 keyboard
Audio Technica/Electro Voice/CAD microphones



Comments:   Man,how does all that stuff fit in to my small apartment?Anyway,I love the FDP;the exchange of opinions,passions and ideas.

How I found the FDP:  Fender website

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  expired

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