Username:  DragonFire

Real Name:  

Age:   62

Country/Location:   Jersey Shore

-White American Strat w/ Texas Special PUs Circa 1990
-Black American Strat w/ Bill Lawrence PUs Circa 1984
-Sunburst 60th Anniversary Stratocaster MIA Circa 2014
-Aztec Gold 60th Anniversary Stratocaster MIA Circa 2014
-Sunburst 50th Anniversary Stratocaster Deluxe Circa 2004
-Midnight Blue 40th Anniversary Stratocaster Circa 1994
-American Select Mahogany Stratocaster Deluxe Circa 2004
-Teal Lonestar American Strat Circa 1997
-Teal Big Apple American Strat Circa 1996
-Candy Apple Red American Strat set-up as HSH w/Dimarzio's Air Norton, Fast Trac 2,Tone Zone Circa 2000
-Black American VG Stratocaster Circa 2007
-Black CIJ Aerodyne Strat
-Blue MIJ Aerodyne Strat
-Vintage White MIM Circa 1996
-Agave Blue MIM Circa HSS 2004
-Daphne Blue Classic 50's MIM Stratocaster Circa 2011
-Lake Placid Blue MIM w/ Seymour Duncan Everything Axe Pickguard Circa 2011
-Stratocaster Mongrel MIM neck on a one piece ash body w/Seymour Duncan Everything Axe pick-ups, Circa 2000(?)
-MIM Stratocaster Natural 2 piece body HSS Circa 1999(?)w/ Diamondback Br. HB-SD Texas Hot mid and Texas Special neck.
-MIM Deluxe Players Stratocaster Sapphire
Circa 2004
-Blacktop Jaguar Blizzard Pearl w/Atomic pups Circa 2010
-Cyclone HH w SD P-90's and triple shots Circa 2004
-Sunburst Toronado w/Seymour Duncans: Pearly Gates Bridge/59 Neck, Circa 98/99?
-Black Toronado MIM w/Seymour Duncans: JB Bridge/Jazz Neck, circa 98
-Vintage White MIM Toronado w/ Duncan Distortions circa 98
-Arctic White MIM Toronado w/Seymour Duncan Custom/59 hybrid bridge/ 59 neck trembucker circa 2000
-Dark Metallic Blue MIM Toronado w/Bigsby W/ Duncan Alnico Pro II's Circa 04/05?
-Candy Apple Red MIM Toronado w/Seymour Duncan Custom/59 Circa 2004
-Butterscotch MIA Toronado w/ Black Doves Circa 2002
-Crimson MIA Toronado Circa 2002
-Crimson MIA Toronado (Sans Pickguard) w/Lollartrons
-US Highway 1 Chrome Siver Toronado w/ Seymour Duncan P-Rails and Triple Shot trim rings
-US Highway 1 Black Toronado Circa 2003 w/ Seymour Duncan P-Rails and Triple Shot trim rings
-Copper MIM Toronado w/Seymour Duncan JB Bridge/Jazz neck pups, Circa 2004
-MIA Telecaster Sunburst RW neck Circa 1988
-FSR Butterscotch Telecaster Circa 2013
-Nashville Power Telecaster Cream Circa 2007
-Nashville Power Telecaster Black Circa 2007
-FMT Telecaster w/ Seymour Duncan
-Starcaster Reissue Aged Cherry Circa 2013
-MIM Black P-Bass Circa 1994
-1960's Fender Lap Steel Deluxe
-Gibson Les Paul Traditional Chicago Blue 2011
-Ibanez AS93 w/ Seymour Duncan 59's
-White Fret-King Elise

-(2)Fender Hot Rod Deluxes MIA 1999
-Fender Hot Rod Deluxe MIM Special Edition Circa 2012
-(2)Fender Hot Rod Deluxes MIM Special Edition "Texas Red" Circa 2008
-Fender Hot Rod Deluxe MIM lacquered tweed
-Fender lacquered tweed 112 Extension Cab
-Fender black 112 Extension Cab
-Fender Mustang III 2011
-Fender Mustang IV 2011
-Fender BillM Modded Blues Jr. 2001
-Fender Bronco 40 Bass amp 2013
-Mesa Express 5:50 212
-Marshall DSL 401
-Blackstar Club 40 Black
-Blackstar Club 40 Red
-Blackstar 12" Extension Cab
-Epiphone Blues Custom 30
-Line 6 Spider Valve MkII 212
-Yamaha THR10C
-Fender Bullet

Tube Screamer, (2) Cry Baby Wah, Fulltone Full Drive 2, Fulltone Ultimate Octave,Line 6 DL4, MM4, Seymour Duncan Vise Grip, Seymour Duncan 805,MXR 10-band EQ, Electro Hamonix Big Muff, Line 6 Pod 2




How I found the FDP:  Surfing

Date registered:  Nov 1st, 2001

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

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