Username:  DangerousMan

Real Name:  

Age:   34

Country/Location:  Canada

ENGL Screamer 50 Combo
ENGL Z5 Footswitch
Fender Frontman 25R
2003 Fender HWY1 Stratocaster modified with Callaham vintage trem and bridge assembly.
2007 Fender HWY1 Telecaster
2006 Gretsch Duo-Jet Firebird
Eastwood Airline Town & Country
Tanglewood TWST28 (Dreadnought)
Tanglewood TW39 (Cutaway electro-acoustic with Fishman Prefix Plus.)
Boss DS1
Dunlop Wah
Planet Waves cables
QI2E Chromatic Tuner (Not too shabby for a cheapo tuner... of course, if anybody has a Peterson Stompbox lying around they don't want... ;-))
Various other bits and pieces



Comments:  I also eat various other pieces of furniture - such as lamps, chairs, and even bookcases.

How I found the FDP:  With my eyes

Date registered:  Apr 15th, 2007

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Moderators: Chris Greene  Iron Man  reverendrob  

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