Username:  DaleB

Real Name:  

Age:   60

Country/Location:  Canada

Fender American Deluxe Telecaster
Fender Lead 1 (1980)
Epiphone Elitist Byrdland (2007)
Ovation Adamas II (1984)
Washburn acoustic lapsteel (1937)
Yamaha J160 Classical
Aria 6 string acoustic

Godin A4 fretless

Fender Acoustisonic Amp
Kemper Profiler (600 Watt) Amp

Ludwig Fab Four kit
Pearl piccolo snare
Zildjian cymbals
DW 9000 double kick
(mic'd with Shure Beta 98 D/S and AT4033 mics)
Yamaha DTX562 Electronic Drum Kit

Misc Instruments:
Carter Starter pedal steel
Fender Irish Bouzouki
Mandolin (very old, unknown)
Recording King RB-036 Banjo
Studio Logic Numa Concert 88 Keyboard
Hammond SK1 keyboard
Pearl River UP118E upright acoustic piano

Avid D-Command 24 channel moving fader console
UA Apollo Quad interface
Behringer X32 Compact (for mobile work)
Munro Egg Monitor System
MikTek CV4 Tube microphone




How I found the FDP:  googled

Date registered:  Apr 23rd, 2007

Contributing Membership Expires:  1/21/16

Moderators: Chris Greene  Iron Man  reverendrob  

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