Username:  DH

Real Name:  

Age:   66

Country/Location:  Youngstown, Ohio

*Agile RK-500 w/fireglo type finish (an excellent Rickenbacker 330/6 copy)
*Agile Valkyrie w/P90s (a Gibson SG style guitar)
*Akai Professional MPK Mini (laptop production keyboard)
*Artisan Electric Lap Steel Guitar w/Shubb-Pearce SP2 steel...added a Fender P-Bass bridge cover as a palm rest.
*Arturia MiniLab (universal midi controller)
*Brownsville Choirboy 12 string guitar
*Danelectro Baritone
*Danelectro DC Bass w/flatwounds
*Danelectro 56-U2 w/Pyramid Gold Flats
*Danelectro Longhorn Bass
*Deering banjo (autographed by the Dixie Chicks)
*Epiphone Limited Edition G-400 Deluxe w/Maestro Tremolo
*Fender Precision bass with vintage original P-Bass pickup set and pickup/bridge covers.
*Fender Stratocaster with Callaham Enhanced Trem Block and '64 Virtual Pop-In Tremolo Arm
*Fender Stratocaster (converted to a hardtail w/Electron's TailFeather)
*Fender Telecaster with vintage bridge plate, ashtray, and 3 brass saddles.
*Fender Showmaster HH Blackout guitar
*Giannini AWS-740 acoustic guitar...I embedded a "hot dot" pickup into the bridge in 1979.
*Gibson Les Paul Junior
*Guild DeArmond Jet-Star bass (beautiful crimson red grain finish)
*Guild DeArmond Jet-Star guitar
*Guild DeArmond M-77 guitar
*Guild DeArmond Starfire bass
*Guild DeArmond T-400 guitar
*Kramer NightRider hardtail (w/Gibson 490R and 498T pups)
*Line 6 Variax 500 w/Workbench
*M-Audio Keystation 49e (MIDI Controller Keyboard)
*M-Audio Oxygen 25 (Midi Controller Keyboard)
*M-Audio Venom (Virtual Analog Synthesizer)
*Oscar Schmidt Delta King
*Rogue acoustic-electric mandolin
*Rogue electric sitar
*Rogue VB-100 violin bass w/mods
*Schecter TSH-12 electric 12 string
*Simmons digital drum kit (SDHB2 brain). A makeshift unit, pieced together with 2 Simmons drum pads, 2 Simmons drum pedals, and 3 Yamaha cymbal pads. I use it alongside my Yamaha DD-65 kit in my home studio.
*Squier '51 guitar w/out mods
*SX Fretless Jazz bass...w/D'Addario flats and various mods
*Yamaha DD-65 Digital Drum Kit w/Yamaha KP65 kick drum trigger pad, Tama HP-200 kick pedal, Yamaha HH-65 hi-hat pedal. I use it alongside my makeshift Simmons digital drum kit in my home studio.
*Yamaha DJX1 (a synthesizer...of sorts)
*Yamaha PSR-2000 (arranger/workstation)

*Crate KX-50 (keyboard combo amp)
*Crate Power Block (guitar/bass amp head)
*Electar Tube 10 (tube amp w/Weber speaker mod)
*Epiphone Valve Junior (tube amp head)
*Hartke B30 (bass combo)
*Hartke HA1400 (bass amp head)
*Hartke 1x15 bass cabinet
*Hartke 2x10 bass cabinet(x2)
*Pignose G40V (tube amp)
*SWR Workingman's 10 (bass combo)
*SWR WorkingPro 1x10 (bass cabinet)
*Tech 21 Trademark 10 (amp/modeler)
*Vox Pathfinder 15SMR #478 (limited edition amp head plus 2x10 cabinet)

Multi-track Recorders:
*Boss Br-532
*Tascam DP-01FX
*Zoom MRS-8

...along with assorted pedals, effects processors, recording gear/software, etc.



Comments:  I began playing the electric bass in 1962, and shortly thereafter picked up the guitar and keyboards.

How I found the FDP:  Via an internet search engine in 1999.

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: All Those Years Ago... (9 k)
Photo: Baby Sitar (67 k)
Photo: Banjo (61 k)
Photo: Bar Stool (32 k)
Photo: Bass Mods (69 k)
Photo: Bottle Opener...Courtesy of Electron (8 k)
Photo: Brownsville Choirboy 12 String (27 k)
Photo: Chicago Surf (95 k)
Photo: Choice (30 k)
Photo: Choice (the tuxedo kitty) (46 k)
Photo: Corner Shot.... (90 k)
Photo: Dano 56-U2 (18 k)
Photo: Dano Baritone (19 k)
Photo: Dano DC Bass (17 k)
Photo: DeArmond Starfire Bass (35 k)
Photo: DeArmond T-400 (34 k)
Photo: Drums (75 k)
Photo: Epiphone Limited Edition G-400 Deluxe w/Maestro Tremolo (29 k)
Photo: Epiphone Valve Junior with Weber MASS (63 k)
Photo: Flatwounds for Rogue VB (36 k)
Photo: Giannini AWS-740 (24 k)
Photo: Gibson Les Paul Junior (32 k)
Photo: Gumby Guitar and Bass (80 k)
Photo: Heather (6 k)
Photo: Home Fried Blues (11 k)
Photo: Home Recording Nook (73 k)
Photo: Jangle (24 k)
Photo: JangleBox (25 k)
Photo: Lap Steel (49 k)
Photo: Mandolin Wind (27 k)
Photo: May, 1978 (24 k)
Photo: Me and My Friend the Cat (92 k)
Photo: Megan (47 k)
Photo: Memphis Leather Cassette (Pittsburgh Rockabilly and Blues) (66 k)
Photo: Memphis Leather Handbill...December 1, 1979 (27 k)
Photo: Military School 1959 (38 k)
Photo: Military School Badge (28 k)
Photo: Military School Buckle (20 k)
Photo: Muggin' in Memphis (May 2005) (59 k)
Photo: My Daughter...helping me sort through the clutter (58 k)
Photo: My Favorite... (18 k)
Photo: My Pocket Pistols (31 k)
Photo: New Job (42 k)
Photo: New Toy (62 k)
Photo: Rickenbacker Copy (38 k)
Photo: Rogue VB (51 k)
Photo: Rogue Violin Bass w/white tuner knobs (33 k)
Photo: Ryan (24 k)
Photo: Soulster... (91 k)
Photo: Squier '51 (31 k)
Photo: SX Fretless Jazz (44 k)
Photo: Two DeArmonds, Two Fenders and Two Danelectros (54 k)
Photo: Valkyrie and Jet-Star (61 k)
Photo: Variax 500 (36 k)
Photo: While in the "Home Computer Business" during the early '80s... (80 k)
Photo: Widhorse Saloon in Nashville... (46 k)
Photo: Wurlitzer Piano Factory in DeKalb, Illinois (62 k)

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