Username:  Chris Greene

Real Name:  Chris Greene

Age:   39

Country/Location:  Idaho, USA


* CS Time Machine NOS '56 Strat - sunburst
* FDP LE Surf Green Strats (#1 and #68)
* MIM Jimmy Vaughan Strat - olympic white
* MIK Squier ProTone Strat - sapphire transparent
* USA Peavey Predator w/ Lone Star Strat p/g assembly - black
* Custom tele: WD 2 piece ash body, the rest is '52 reissue - cherryburst
* Custom Fender 50's Road Worn Tele, ash, butterscotch, Bakelite guard, upgraded serial number bridge, brass saddles, aged slothead screws, control plate, and switch tip
* Custom tele: StewMac Body (ash), MIM Fender neck, Nocaster pickups , '52 reissue bridge- white blonde
* MIM Fender P-bass Special - sunburst
* Reverend Slingshot - blood red
* Gibson L-6S - blonde
* 2014 Martin D-42
* 2013 Martin HD-28V
* 1995 Yamaha FG-461S acoustic
* Baby Taylor BT-1
* La Patrie (Godin) Concert classical


* '60-61 Fender Concert (4x10)
* '59 Fender Bassman PTP RI modded by Clay Hullett
* '65 Fender Deluxe Reverb RI (October 1997)
* Fender tweed Pro Jr. (August 1994)
* '63 Fender Reverb Tank RI
* '59 Harmony 305A (1x12)
* Fender Bassman 60
* Fender Mini-Twin
* Line 6 Flextone
* Peavey Rage 158


* Kawai CP155 (digital ensemble)
* Yamaha P-120 (stage piano)

Email:  greene at northrim dot net


Comments:  I've been playing guitar since 1963/4 and worked professionally in two Southern California area bands, The Mysterians (junior high) and The Reasons Why (high school through college) both of which I was a co-founder from 1964 until the early 80's. But since then, all I do is talk about the good ol' days...

How I found the FDP:  Frustrating at times but mostly delightful

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 1936 Zenith 6-S-128 (71 k)
Photo: 1936 Zenith 6-S-128 #2 (82 k)
Photo: 1936 Zenith 6-S-128 #3 (77 k)
Photo: 1937 Woodstock typewriter (58 k)
Photo: 1942 Philco 42-365 (60 k)
Photo: 1944 Remington Rand with holster and web belt (56 k)
Photo: 1957ish Dual Range Summicron (146 k)
Photo: 1969 GE table radio #T2270C (108 k)
Photo: 1969 Zenith Z931 at home (74 k)
Photo: 1969 Zenith Z931 closer view of the inside (125 k)
Photo: 1973 and 1978 S&W Model 28-2 "Highway Patrolman" (91 k)
Photo: 1994 S&W Model 10-10 (89 k)
Photo: 1994 S&W Model 10-10 2 (90 k)
Photo: 2002 LX470 (26 k)
Photo: A few of my guitars and amps (46 k)
Photo: A gig a few years back and noodling on the couch (41 k)
Photo: A weekend in August in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA) (151 k)
Photo: Bread machine challah (144 k)
Photo: Bryce Canyon - February 2015 (194 k)
Photo: Buck Mark Practical URX and Aimpoint red dot scope (114 k)
Photo: Cell phone camera for when you've got nothing else (265 k)
Photo: CG and Dave Davis at Dave's home in Ann Arbor, October 2007 (106 k)
Photo: CG and his SFSD van (49 k)
Photo: CG at Bryce Canyon 1981 (82 k)
Photo: CG at Capitol Reef NP March 2014 (141 k)
Photo: CG at helm of Catalina 30 (27 k)
Photo: CG at the Pentagon (71 k)
Photo: CG at work circa 1975 (468 k)
Photo: CG playin' cowboy at Idaho Terriorial Shootout - 2004 (110 k)
Photo: CG tied flies. Mostly (94 k)
Photo: CG's Omega Speedmaster Professional (97 k)
Photo: Customized Road Worn Tele 1 (92 k)
Photo: Dakota Red partsocaster (99 k)
Photo: FDP LE Strat #68 (118 k)
Photo: FDP logos (90 k)
Photo: Gretsch G9450 banjo (84 k)
Photo: Ibanez Model 512 mandolin (416 k)
Photo: Idaho Sunset (53 k)
Photo: Idaho Sunset - slightly tweaked (52 k)
Photo: Jimmy (288 k)
Photo: Kaibab National Forest (209 k)
Photo: Lexus Land Cruiser in Ketchum, ID (51 k)
Photo: Living room stereo (80 k)
Photo: Members of Kona Kai Surf Club, August 1964 (28 k)
Photo: Official FDP Hippie Van (94 k)
Photo: Panasonic DMC-ZS3 (120 k)
Photo: Perrine Bridge with a Panasonic ZS3 P&S camera (152 k)
Photo: Road Worn 50's Tele 2 (73 k)
Photo: Rusty garbage bin (77 k)
Photo: Smokey sun (27 k)
Photo: StewMac/Fender Tele (89 k)
Photo: StewMac/Fender Tele close-up (81 k)
Photo: Vintage watches (423 k)
Photo: What's he gonna do now? (166 k)
Photo: Zion (231 k)

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