Username:  ChemWizard

Real Name:  

Age:   52

Country/Location:  USA/Finger Lakes


2004 50th Anniversary American Deluxe Stratocaster
[Second Generation Kinman Blues Pickups]

2003 American Stratocaster Olympic White with Maple Board (50th Anniversary Neck Plate)
[Woodstock Plus Kinman Pickups]

2000 American Stratocaster Natural Ash with Maple Board
[Traditional Mark II Kinman Pickups]

1995 Peavey Wolfgang First Run Amber Quilted Maple Arch Top (tested by EVH himself!)

2004 Roland Micro Cube Practice Amp

2005 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Emerald Edition (Sea Monster)

Omnisonic Tube Amp Volume Control Box

DOD YJM308 Preamp(s)

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor(s)

Vintage Cry Baby Wah

MXR Phase 90

Boss Digital Delay DD-5 (with Boss FS-5U tap tempo switch)

Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-5




How I found the FDP:  Fender Site

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Moderators: Chris Greene  Iron Man  reverendrob  

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