Username:  Butterscotch

Real Name:  Ronald Garson

Age:   67

Country/Location:  UK

'66 Telecaster.
'06 Gibson Les Paul '59 Historic VOS
'98 Gibson ES335
Greg Fessler 50th Anniversary '54 Stratocaster.
'12 Custom Shop '62 Stratocaster. Fiesta Red.
Limited Edition Broadcaster.
Limited Edition 50's Top Bound Esquire Relic. Daphne Blue.
Custom Shop Nocaster Relic. Copper
'98 Custom Shop Nocaster Relic.
'05 Custom Shop '65 Stratocaster. LPB
'05 Custom Shop '56 Stratocaster. Fiesta Red
'08 Hahn 228 T-style. Blonde, Black Guard.
Gretsch Electromatic lap steel.
Partscaster. Mostly Fender parts. Red.
Partscaster Telecaster. Pine body.
Partscaster Telecaster. Swamp Ash body. Butterscotch.
Parts La Cabronita. Black.
2012 Princeton Reverb Reissue.
Tweed Ltd Edition Blues Jr.
1981 Silverface Vibro Champ.
Torres(UK) 5E3 Tweed Deluxe clone.
Harmony H1260 Sovereign. Early '60s.
Danelectro Dan Echo.
Marshall Compressor.
Electro Harmonix Holy Grail.

Tons of Pro. Audio Recording Equipment.



Comments:  My second Home!

How I found the FDP:  Thro' Fender's website

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 1966 Tele. (56 k)
Photo: 335 (58 k)
Photo: 335 in evening sunlight (77 k)
Photo: 50's Top Bound Esquire Relic (406 k)
Photo: 50th Anniversary Stratocaster. (61 k)
Photo: Blue Two! (323 k)
Photo: Copper Nocaster (420 k)
Photo: CS '65 in Lake Placid Blue (438 k)
Photo: CS Fiesta Red '62 (200 k)
Photo: Fiesta Red CS '56 (452 k)
Photo: Flying Seagull (47 k)
Photo: Gibson pair! (61 k)
Photo: Hahn 228 T-Style. (56 k)
Photo: Les Paul '59 Historic VOS (57 k)
Photo: Les Paul in case. (55 k)
Photo: Ltd Edition Broadcaster (369 k)
Photo: Nocaster Relic. (61 k)
Photo: R9 Historic LP "Darkburst." (488 k)
Photo: Red parts Esquire (341 k)
Photo: Seagull in the Sun. (125 k)
Photo: TGA on Manoeuvres! (67 k)
Photo: The Pinecaster. (49 k)
Photo: Trio! (86 k)
Photo: Vibro Champ (372 k)

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