Username:  Brian1960

Real Name:  

Age:   49

Country/Location:  Philadelphia

2007 American Deluxe Ash Stratocaster
2003 Ibanez AR3000VV
2006 Ibanez AS103NT
2003 ibanez AX32SLVF (POS)
1976 Ibanez black Eagle Bass
1982 Ibanez ST Prototype
1979 Ibanez ST100
2002 Tacoma chief
2003 Tacoma M1 mandolin
2004 Ibanez AJ200CEAV acoustic/electric
1975 Penco tenor banjo
196? Harmony lap steel (mint)
1926 Timtone student violin
124? Banjo uke
Peavey 112 Bandit
1964 Ampeg 2x12 cab
Vox Amp 10 inch bulldog celestian (forget the model number)
TubeWorks TubeDriver 60w with ceramic 10 inch Jenson
Fender Deluxe 112
Roland KC300 keyboard still in carton from 2003(takes me a while to get to things)
Lots of stomp pedals and rack effects that I can't remember until I dig them out to list here.




How I found the FDP:  google

Date registered:  Mar 9th, 2008

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Moderators: Chris Greene  Iron Man  reverendrob  

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