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Country/Location:  Black Hole

Gretsch White Falcon w/a big ol' Bigsby ('nuff said), and a custom strap by my friend, the Gretsch-O-Maniac BobKat. It's a hand-painted checkerboard leather strap with ruby-encrusted, gold-plated western-style buckle & tip. Custom Elliot capo.

2007 Fender Limited Edition American Vintage '52 Telecaster with Premium Ash Body, 1-Piece Maple "U" Shaped (baseball bat) Neck with "Thin Skin Nitro" Lacquer Finish, Fender/Gotoh Vintage Style Tuning Machines, 9.5" Radius Maple Fingerboard, 6105 Frets, 2 Custom Shop Tele Single-Coil Pickups, Modern Wiring, and Original Vintage Style Tele Bridge with 3 Brass Saddles. Cool G & G tweed case and a nice Moody's black strap that is simple, but much more substantial than the stock one. Armor Gold cable.

2009 50th Anniversary Gibson Custom Shop Historic Reissue R9 - 1959 Les Paul Gloss, w/AAA tiger flame maple top in cherry sunburst, Zebra Burstbuckers PAF, with a GSL5 Deluxe Leather Link Strap (avail only in U.K. through Stones-Music)

Gibson Custom Shop Historic Reissue R4 - 1954 Les Paul Gloss, Goldtop, Darkback

Vox Python strap and coil cord - cool!

I use double insulated Colorado case covers for all of my instruments (handy when you need to leave it in the trunk for the ride home so you can stop at Target - it keeps the guitar from seeing a change in temp for ~an hour). It also gives you a couple of zippered pockets for more stuff and embroidery options for art. I also use the PW Humidistat (though the new formulation doesn't last long in the dry winters here).

Fender 1965 Princeton Reverb Vintage Reissue
AER Compact 60-2 Acoustic Amp
Reeves Custom 12 Combo w/Power Scaling
Roland Microcube
Fender Tweed Minitwin (1 raging amp of unclean power)
VOX AC30 Amplug (very handy, and sounds decent through headphones)

Shure Super 55 Deluxe (the "Elvis mic" modelled after a 1941 Cadillac grille)
Rode nt1A

Martin Custom Shop Jumbo w/all of my favorite features of the J-40 and 41 Special: Select Grade Alpine top w/ silk but no bearclaw, pearl inlay around both the top and rosette, Waverly 4073-G tuners (with vintage ivoroid buttons), ivoroid binding, FWI pins, cutaway, 1 3/4" nut, Pyramid Stauffer Belly Bridge, and signed label - YEAH! (Hey, why not get exactly what you want!). In the case, I keep an Intellitouch, Dave Skowron's handmade Tortis picks, and Alain Dugain's handmade picks in various materials including my favorites: horn, mother of pearl and FWI. With a custom Elliot Capo. Beautiful Oak Leaf and Acorn strap by El Dorado.

Martin Custom Shop 00-18v (short/24.9" scale, 1 3/4" nut, mahogany back & sides, 1/4" scalloped bracing, bone nut & saddle). It's an acoustic/electric with onboard K&K Active Prephase pickup. Faux Tortoise binding, wild Greven pickguard. 1933 Ambertone finish. With a vintage strap by Sully. I use the AER amp for this one. It makes sounds like angels breathing.

National Resophonic 1929 Type 1 Reissue Tricone in German Silver with engraved Waverly tuners, ivoroid buttons, ivoroid binding, and Highlander pickup installed. Nickel medallion on headstock in place of decal. Cool stap by Couch from deadstock 1966 Pontiac seatbelt (blue/green)

Effects Pedals:
Pedaltrain2 with VoodooLab Pedal Power2 Plus and the following effects after a Sonic Research Turbo Tuner:
Real McCoy Italian Picture Wah (by Geoffrey Treece), MXR Red Handwired '76 Script logo Vintage Dynacomp, Custom Red Barber Tone Press, Analog Man Maxon OD-9 / Tubescreamer 808 Overdrive pedal w/Silver & KWS Tour Survival Options, T-Vexx Fuzz Factory, Fender Blender Custom Fuzz, Analogman Dark Peppermint Fuzz, MXR Orange Handwired 1974 Script Logo Vintage Phase 90 Phaser, Analogman & Tonerider Choruses, A/DA Flanger, MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay, MXR Micro Amp.

1963 Reissue Fender Tube Reverb

One new box on the board is offboard power for the Highlander pickup in my National Tricone).



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Photo: '63 Reissue Fender Tube Reverb - Control Panel (77 k)
Photo: '63 Reissue Fender Tube Reverb in Lacquered Tweed (146 k)
Photo: 1992 Elvis Stamp (13 k)
Photo: 50th Anniv. Gibson Custom Shop Historic Reissue 1959 Les Paul (R9) (61 k)
Photo: 50th Anniv. Gibson Custom Shop Historic Reissue 1959 Les Paul (R9) (62 k)
Photo: AER Compact 60-2 Acoustic Amp (134 k)
Photo: Fender Princeton Reverb '65 Vintage Reissue Amp (288 k)
Photo: Fender Thin Skin '52 Vintage Reissue Telecaster (242 k)
Photo: Gibson Custom Shop Historic Reissue Gloss 1954 Les Paul (R4) Goldtop Darkback (330 k)
Photo: Gibson R4 Darkback (323 k)
Photo: Gretsch White Falcon (285 k)
Photo: Kamaka Ukulele Headstock (226 k)
Photo: Martin Custom Shop 00-18v (266 k)
Photo: Martin Custom Shop Jumbo (255 k)
Photo: National 1929 Reissue Style 1 Tricone - German Silver (280 k)
Photo: National Tricone Headstock (custom) (312 k)
Photo: Pedalboard (240 k)
Photo: Reeves Custom 12 Combo Guitar Amp with Power Scaling (77 k)
Photo: Shure Super 55 Deluxe Mic (202 k)
Photo: Sriracha, baby! (37 k)
Photo: Stones-Music GSL5 Deluxe Leather Linkstrap (39 k)

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