Username:  Bighead

Real Name:  

Age:   58

Country/Location:  U.S.A.

50th Anniversary American Deluxe Strat
50th anniversary Lone Star Strat
Eric Johnson Tribute Strat
2014 BobbyMac Telecaster
American Vintage 69 Thinline Telecaster
Lite Ash Telecaster
Fender custom Telecaster
1982 American Standard Telecaster
Gibson Les Paul Classic
Gibson Les Paul Standard
1977 Pan SG Copy
Samick Greg Bennett Strat copy
Johnson AXL Strat copy
Epiphone/Gibson Strat copy
Ibanez AG75
1949 Gibson BR9
1968 Fender Pro Reverb
1975 Princeton Reverb modded by Vintage Jon
1982 Super Champ
Super Champ XD
Champion 600
1997 Fender Blues Deville 410
2004 Fender Blues Junior
2008 Fender 57
Mustang II
lots of other small amps
2008 Martin 00028 E.C.
2013 Blueridge BR73AS
2008 Yamaha RG 730 S
1977 Takamine 12 string
Takamine New Yorker
Ibanez PF10NT Dreadnought
Harmony Monterrey



Comments:  Old Dog No Tricks

How I found the FDP:  Browsing the Web

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: A few fenders and 1 Gibson (230 k)
Photo: Guitar Line up for 2007 (223 k)

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