Username:  Big F

Real Name:  

Age:   50

Country/Location:  New Hampshire

8 G&L's (ASAT classic, ASAT custom, Comanche, S500, ASAT special hollow tribute, ASAT Z3, ASAT Jr, ASAT Bluesboy)
1 strat (california),
6 teles (Muddy Waters, JD, Tele Plus, Tele Custom, 88 Paisley, Blue Floral, California),
3 taylors(420;514CE;714CE)
3 gibsons (ES345;ES333;Les Paul DC),
2 gretsches (Green Annie; Elliot Easton),
2 PRS (yellow corvette 22 standard, Santana SE)
2 Godins (LGXT 3 voice, Multiac 2 voice),
1 EB MusicMan Axis
1 Fender bass PJ Custom,
1 Reverend bass,
Fender Amps (DRRI ,Blues Deluxe,SF Princeton Reverb, SF Champ, Concert II, 75, SCXD,
Sunn T50C,
Soldano Astroverb (purple tolex),
Crate Palomino V16; Roland VGA-3
many stomp boxes, Pod XT and Bass Pod




How I found the FDP:  

Date registered:  Feb 22nd, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  2/10/10

Photo: 1970 LPB-1 EH Powerbooster (29 k)
Photo: ASAT Sunburst Black Crinkle Guard (434 k)
Photo: Boss DD-20 (46 k)
Photo: Cali Tele 1 (290 k)
Photo: California Strat Fiesta Red 1 (51 k)
Photo: California Strat Fiesta Red 2 (120 k)
Photo: DOD FX 100 Integrated Tube OD (45 k)
Photo: Dunlop Jim Hendrix Octave Fuzz (38 k)
Photo: G&L Orange Comanche (120 k)
Photo: G&L Voodoo Legacy (129 k)
Photo: Gibson 345 & 333 (197 k)
Photo: Muddy Waters Tele (317 k)
Photo: PRS Yellow Corvette (108 k)

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