Username:  BF66Prince

Real Name:  

Age:   50

Country/Location:  Texas Gulf Coast

Tube Amps:

'65 Fender Blonde Twin Reverb (Conversion)
'66 Fender Pro Reverb
'66 Fender Princeton Reverb
'73 Fender SF Deluxe Reverb
'73 Fender Vibro Champ
'75 Fender Champ
'76 Fender Vibrolux Reverb
'83 Boogie MKIIC 60/100,EQ,Reverb Head
'84 Boogie MKIIC+ 60 watt combo
'84 Boogie MKIIC+ Simul-Class loaded
Bubinga/Wicker combo
'05 Vox AC30CC2
'08 Brown Note D'Lite 44 "ODE" Head
'10 Hermida 1x12 openback G12H-30 loaded
'14 Mesa Boogie Roadster Dual Rectifier 2x12 Combo
'17 Katana Mini Head
'17 Katana 50/100 watt Combo

Solid State Amps:
'85 Gallien - Krueger ML 250
'86 Gallien - Krueger Ml 250
'88 Gallien - Krueger Backline 100

Bass Amps:
'08 Roland Cube 100 combo


'63 Gibson ES-330 TDC w/ Bigsby
'70 Gibson Cherry ES-335
'72 Fender Tele Custom
'75 Fender Mocha Strat
'76 Electra MPC X-310 Black LP copy
'77 Gibson Wine Les Paul Deluxe
'78 Fender Tele Tobacco Sunburst
'79 Fender Antigua Strat
'80 Gibson Les Paul Standard (58RI)
Quilted Sunburst "Jimmy Wallace"
'80 Gibson Cream Explorer
'83 Gibson Dot Cherry ES-335
'86 Fender MIJ '69RI Pink Paisley Tele
'87 Fender Strat Tobacco Sunburst
'88 Paul Reed Smith Goltop "Special"
'89 Gibson Heritage Cherry Sunburst LP Standard
'89 Fender Old CAR Strat
'90 Fender Strat Plus Pewter
'90 Fender Strat Plus Black (E9)
'90 Fender Strat Plus Blackburst (N9)
'90 Fender 50's RI Strat "Blackie"
'91 Fender 50's RI Tele Candy Apple
'99 Tom Anderson Hollow Drop Top Classic
Cajun Red Quilt
'00 Epiphone G-400 LE Korina SG
'01 Gibson Les Paul DC Amber Quilt
'01 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Black/Tort guard
'03 Tom Anderson Tiger Eye Hollow T Drop Top
'03 Epiphone Elite Black LP Custom
'07 Fender '57 AVRI Surf Green Strat
'07 Fender FSR "Reverse Headstock Strat
'08 Gibson Wine Red Les Paul Standard Plus
'09 Fender LTD. ED. Am. Std. Daphne Blue Strat
'09 PRS DGT Sunburst
'10 Fender Olympic White Am. Standard
'12 Fender Candy Cola Am. Standard
'13 Reverend Oceanside Green Jetstream 390
'15 Fender Sea Foam Green Mag 7 Tele

Classical and Acoustic Guitars:

'49 Martin A Style Mandolin
'78 Gibson Gospel
'80 Sigma DM-3
'83 Yamaha G-231 II Classical
'98 Baby Taylor
'03 Yamaha CG171SF Classical Flamenco
'03 Taylor Jumbo Custom Acoustic/Electric
'04 Ramirez 1-E Classical
'09 Breedlove Roots OM/SR acoustic/electric

'74 Fender Jazz Bass Sunburst/Maple Neck
'78 Fender Natural Precision Bass
'90 Fender MIJ '57 RI Vintage White Precision Bass
'94 Fender Jazz V Plus Bass


Menatone Dirty Blonde
Hermida Zendrive
Hermida Mosferatu M2
Austone Millenium OD
Barber DD
Maxon OD-820
Voodoo Lab Sparkledrive
Subdecay Stupid Box
Bruce Bennett Brown Sound
Keeley Modded AD-9
Boss FT-2 Dynamic Filter
Boss HR-2 Harmonist
Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble
Boss DD-6
Arion SCH-1 Chorus
Boss PHr-1 Phaser
Pearl OD-5 OD
Pearl Ch-2 Chorus
Nobels ODR-1 OD
Ibanez TS-10
Ibanez Sessionman SS-10 Dist/Chorus
Ross Orange Phaser
Ross Black R-30 Compressor
KMD Overdrive
Dunlop Wah 535
Ernie Ball Volume

Multi FX Processors:
Yamaha DG Stomp
Line 6 Pod X3 LIve


Yamaha PSR-320
Korg Mirco-Korg Synthesizer Vocoder
Casio Privia PX-110 Digital Piano

Studio Mics:

Sennheiser 441 Dynamic
Apex 460 Tube condenser
Apex 435
Shure Beta 87-A
EV N/D 767a
Audix OM-7
Audix OM-5
Audix D-3
Audix Fusion 7 Series Drum Pkg. (7 mics)
Sterling ST51 LRG. Diaphragm FET Condenser
Beyerdynamic M 201 TG Dynamic Directional




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